Sep 01, 2009

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We should have the rest of the pics soon!  All photos are by Il Mare Photography (they are amazing, love them!)

A Few Teasers photo 1

A Few Teasers photo 2

A Few Teasers photo 3

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This is the inspiration board I made for our wedding!  It is all about the feathers, mercury glass, twigs, ribbons, ruffles, vintage silver and love!

Inspiration photo 1

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We letterpressed just about anything you could possibly imagine for this wedding.  We letterpressed the frickin bejeezus out of it!  And we LOVED it.  We tried to carry our feathers and twigs theme subtly throughout all of the paer products.  For the programs and menus we used our accent colors of pale pink and pewter since there is so much purple in the rest of the wedding.  I love that they are soft, romantic and a teeny bit rustic- so our style!


Reading Material Programs and Menus photo 1Reading Material Programs and Menus photo 2Reading Material Programs and Menus photo 3



Reading Material Programs and Menus photo 4Reading Material Programs and Menus photo 5

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Since our wedding venue is a vineyard in Napa we thought coasters were the way to go for favors.  We wanted to DIY them since we can letterpress and they just seemed right.  We did four coasters per pack and tied each set with a pretty pink bow to coordinate with our colors.  My Dad was awesome and corner-rounded all of them for us- such a trooper!  We used a twig design layed out in a circle and then put a quote I found about wine and love in the middle: "Where there is no wine, there is no love."  They were just a cute thank you for coming to Napa, drinking yummy wine, celebrating with us and dancing all night long!


Favors for the Wine Lovers photo 1

Favors for the Wine Lovers photo 2

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We decided we wanted to get married somewhere simultaneously rustic and romantic and the first area we thought of was Napa.  Lucky for us we only live about an hour away so it isn't really a destination wedding.  Yay no air travel! 

When we began looking for the most beautiful place to have it things got a little tricky.  Many wineries in Napa proper don't allow weddings due to city ordinances.  Fortunately there are some beutiful places in surrounding towns that are still part of the Napa Valley.  When I saw V. Sattui Winery I fell in LOVE, it gave me the same feeling as my engagement ring when I first saw it and that I had with my dress a few months later.  It was completely RIGHT!  So we booked the last weekend in September and never looked back.  there are several places on the property to have the ceremony but we chose the sunken stone courtyard.  It is spectacular!  It is right next to the main winery building which is about two stories.  I will enter by walking around the balcony above the courtyard and then down the stone steps for a super dramatic entrance- LOVED this part!  It will be beautiful in September and since it is crush season the smell of wine will permeate everything.  I am terribly excited!


Our Vineyard Venue photo 1

We will stand between the two barrels during the ceremony.

Our Vineyard Venue photo 2

The courtyard holds about 175 people seated.  This is the view from the steps I will be walking down.  You can sort of see the balcony I will walk along at the top.


Our Vineyard Venue photo 3

These are the stairs I will walk down with my Dad :)

The reception will be in the adjoining Barrel Room which holds tons and tons of wine barrels in an aged looking stone space.  It is romantically lit and the winery staff put votive candles along all the walls and barrels to make it sparkle.  There are also little caves off the main room where we will set up a wii for the kids and some tables for the girls (all between the ages of 7 and 11).  We want them to feel special and weddings can be so boring for them snadwiched between their parents!  There is also a separate room with a bar for the wine to be served during the dancing part of the reception. I will post some photos of this room soon!

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So my lovely little FI likes three VERY different styles of tuxes and cannot make up his mind about what he would like to wear on W-day.  I love them all but am leaning toward the grey, it so goes with the pewter in our color palette and I think he would look super dashing and debonair in it.  But I also really love the morning coat/ascot combo.  We have to decide soon too because we are just about 4 months out!  Yikes!


Here are the three contenders:


Tux Hawtness photo 1Tux Hawtness photo 2

Tux Hawtness photo 3