Nov 28, 2009

Total Focus Professional Photography & Video
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I'm not big on reviews, but I just had to make this known to all other couples who are looking to hire a photo/videography company. These people are the most unprofessional company that I ever had to deal with. Their prices are appealing and very competitive, HOWEVER their business tact is nonexistent and contract is outrageous. A salesman came to my mothers home and sat us down and laid everything out in front of us. He specifically told us "Half of the payment is due prior to the wedding and half after the wedding". That is reasonable. HOWEVER, when I calle to get an update on my account, not only did they have the incorrect balance that I owed (mind you they said I owe more) and they said 85% is due prior to services being rendered. WHAT!????!!! Who conducts business as such???? And called and voice my complaint to the manager, and told him that his saleman did not inform of that policy and told me otherwise. He would not budge. Never once did I say I was not going to pay these people, but I did however mention that A) I do not feel comfortable paying an 85% deposit and B) if the services I receive are not up to quality that was presented to me that I will not pay them for subpar quality job. I thought I was being a fair customer, and the manager STILL did not own up to his employees mistake. I went with another company. NOT WORTH IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! STAY AWAY FROM THESE VOULTURES Also, they go by Photo Video Network, google them and you'll see the many horrible reviews!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Services used: Videography