May 24, 2009

( 5.0 / 5.0 )
My experience at Gabrielle's was fabulous. The small, chic shop is located in oh so quaint Los Gatos. I now want to live in Los Gatos because it was just so darn cute but I digress. Initially, my Mom and I missed the street after exiting the freeway. (Hey, that quaintness means small street signs.) I called one of my attendants (who was already at the salon) for directions and Gabrielle ended up on the phone helping me. Annoyed at my Mom (long drive + mishap = cranky Mom), nervous, embarrassed and twenty minutes late, Gabrielle was still warm and welcoming to me which was a huge relief cause I really needed the relaxation. She took the time to find out what style of dress I was going for, the time of my event and the location to get a better idea what styles would fit. Did I mention that this place wasn't a mad house on Saturday? Personal, one-on-one service. Hooray! Next, she along with my party helped me pick out dresses. Gabrielle doesn't have the largest collection of dresses but she has the best selection. I tried on 8 dresses in total all of which she helped me in and out of. Not only was she very responsive and personable but she also made suggestions on how to customize the dresses (by the way she can do that with all but 2 of designers so open your horizons) and also took notice of my body shape which widen my prospects for gowns. Gabrielle helped me the entire time. My attendants thought she was cool and friendly while my reserved Mom and very opinionated sister found her service to be fantastic all continued to rave about her even after visiting another salon later that day. I loved my experience here and would HIGHLY suggest visiting this boutique. I didn't get a chance to check out her bridesmaids dresses but my attendants did and found some they liked. Sadly, I found my gown somewhere else. Some general notes: She carries designers that range in price. They are all listed on her site so if you do your research before going shopping the prices should not be a shock. I'm not sure whether she provides strapless bras since I was smart enough to bring my own. I learned from my previous bridal shopping experience in Sacramento to bring one since the store's bra wasn't in the most pristine condition. I felt that her salon was very private considering she only sees one person at a time. Sometimes less is more. Enjoy shopping for your gown. For once, I did.
Services used: Dress & Attire, Jewelry

Pasteleria 3 Leches
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I had some high hopes for this place after speaking to the owner over the phone. He was very friendly and even told me the type of questions they ask during tasting so we could have an idea of kind of cakes to look at. Initially, we weren't going to get a cake but had decided to check out some options before making our decision. On the day of our appointment, we entered the bakery and told the front counter person that we had an appointment for a tasting. She looked totally confused then disappeared to the back. After a few minutes, she told us that they weren't aware of our appointment. Um...what? I told her that I spoke to the owner to which she replied, "Yeah, my uncle tends to schedule stuff without telling the staff." So since the staff was not told of a tasting they didn't have anything for us to try. She asked if we wanted to reschedule (yeah right); we promptly skedaddled. Needless to say, I was fairly disappointed.
Services used: Unique Services

( 3.0 / 5.0 )
I was bit hesitant about setting an appointment here after reading less than positive reviews on other sites. Sure enough, my laziness took over since it has the largest selection of wedding gowns in Sacramento. I figured it would be a good start. My consultant and her assistant were very nice and fairly helpful. I came in with a folder of clips so they could get a sense of what I liked. She had me try on different types of gowns to see what would look good on me. It was pretty helpful. My problem is with the store's set-up and operation. 1) The store is too small to carry the amount of gowns they offer. Way too small. Not only is very confusing but it's also hard to get around the store not to mention aesthetically unpleasing. Just say no to clutter. 2) Another thing that they do (but is common) is that they double book or even (as I found out) triple book appointments. While my consultant was helpful, I didn't see much of her because she was off helping 2 other brides that were booked for that time slot (10am mind you). I was fortunate to get a dressing area that was away from the riff-raff but others were not so lucky. 3) They need to established rules and notify all staff. I was told that my appointment would last 1 hour when I called to confirm however, on the day of, my consultant told me I could try on dresses as long as I wanted (this was when I thought my appointment ended). Too bad I made other arrangements. Whatever. It was my first dress appointment. In all, my consultant was good but the store and it's set-up left much to be desired.
Services used: Dress & Attire