Aug 29, 2009

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We are officially PREGNANT!!!!!

Our bundle of joy should arrive May 17, 2011

We are sooo excited!!!!

BABY NUNIE photo 1

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Since getting married in August, my husband and I have talked about adding another child into the mix.  We kept telling ourselves to wait.. oh just wait.. The times not right yet..

Well here we are a year later.. and we are offically trying to conceive!  SOOO EXCITED!

Ive been off birthday control for almost 2 months.. .nothing yet but thats okay! things like this can take some time :)

Super excited about the next chapter in our lives :)

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October 23, 2006, my life changed forever.. He was born 6lbs 15 oz and 19 inches long. Blonde hair and blue eyes.  The most perfect little thing I had ever seen in my whole life, or even in my wildest dreams. He kept me tired but he also gave me the "umph" to get out of bed each day.  I found myself a single mom, working 70 hours a week.. but knowing that when I did have off I would do nothing but enjoy that little blue eyed kiddo.

Present.. he is an "all about town" kinda boy.  I honestly cant believe he is almost 4 years old.  Seems like just the other day, I had to rock him to get him to sleep and we were discussing 1st birthday idea. Here we are.. fully potty trained and he looks like an almost 5 year old. Hes huge!

I married the man of my dreams.. August 29,2009! Calebs biological father has never much cared about my son or assisting in raising him.  So on May 19, 2010 Caleb was adopted by my husband, Alex.  Caleb had known Alex for the past 2.5 years and truly is all he knows as a father. The bond between them is unmistakeable.

So here is Caleb the day he was born:

Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 1  

And Calebs 1st photoshoot :)

Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 2Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 3Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 4Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 5Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 6Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 7Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 8Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 9Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 10Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 11Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 12Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 13Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 14Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 15Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 16Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 17Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 18Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 19Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 20Our Pride and Joy Caleb Alexander photo 21

Hes the apple in our eyes.. Looking and adding this pictures have brought back sooo many wonderful memories! Love it!

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Here are some of the teasers my photog's sent me.. They turned out so beautifully.. more then I could of ever imagined.. Please feel free to check out our blog at and leave us some love :)

Hope you all enjoy :)

PRO PICS photo 1PRO PICS photo 2PRO PICS photo 3PRO PICS photo 4PRO PICS photo 5PRO PICS photo 6PRO PICS photo 7PRO PICS photo 8PRO PICS photo 9PRO PICS photo 10PRO PICS photo 11PRO PICS photo 12PRO PICS photo 13PRO PICS photo 14PRO PICS photo 15PRO PICS photo 16PRO PICS photo 17PRO PICS photo 18PRO PICS photo 19PRO PICS photo 20PRO PICS photo 21PRO PICS photo 22PRO PICS photo 23PRO PICS photo 24PRO PICS photo 25PRO PICS photo 26PRO PICS photo 27PRO PICS photo 28PRO PICS photo 29PRO PICS photo 30

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I just got back from our honeymoon and I can't help but to just smie and re-live all the amazing things that happened on the most perfect day of our lives. 

We got married August 29th in Watersound, FL.. Its between Destin, FL and Panama City, FL- right off hwy 98 and 30A.  This spot was very important to us.. we loved the nantucket feel as well as the private nature of the area.  It was the most beautiful back drop..

My day started at 8:00 am...I got up, got showered.. made sure to shave every inch of my legs.. haha!! Then made my way to the salon with the girls :)

Salon: 10am- All of the girls got their hair done and ate "brunch" style food.  It was alot of fun.  It really gave me a little while to just relax and take it all in. (of course, with a bunch of girls there will always be alittle drama.. I suppose.. My maid of honor didnt talk to me the whole day, apparently she was mad that I didnt announce to everyone the night before at the rehearsal about her and how amazing she was.. oops! Nothing intentional.. I just had alot on my mind.. shame on me right??)

Back to Suite at the Watersound Beach club at 2:30.. where I sat around and drank mimosas with the girls!

Photographer arrived at 3:30- right on time!! If anyone is getting married and wants a fabulous photog let me know.. they are sublime studios they were phenomonal!!!  Also check out the blog

Ceremony was suppose to start at 5:30 however people were running late.. so we pushed it back to 5:45 which was perfect. 

The most amazing part of the day had to be when we were getting ready to walk up the boardwalk to the ceremony and the temperature dropped 10 degrees and the clouds covered the sun.. making for a wonderful evening.. not too hot and just enough breeze.. It was perfect

The BIG day photo 1The BIG day photo 2The BIG day photo 3The BIG day photo 4


After the really fast ceremony.. no kidding.. it was at max 8 minutes.. we proceeded to do photos for the next almost 2 hours.. Then we headed to the party

For the reception.. I wanted a party! My theme was vintage beach, so to stick with that I chose to do lots of "christmas lights", ivory table clothes with white chairs, and lots of candels and mason jars.. it was absolutly breathtaking...

The BIG day photo 5The BIG day photo 6The BIG day photo 7The BIG day photo 8


And for my biggest surprise of the evening was my cake.. From the very beginning I wanted a 4 tier rock candy cake! I know what your thinking, what?? But pretty much its white buttercream with rock candy placed generously around it to create the look of pure elegance.. My mother told me I couldnt have it because it would cost more then they had alloted! So I just left it to her to choose my cake, by this point I was over the decision making and I trusted her.. So as I walked into the reception I was stunned to see my perfect 4 tiered rock candy "peach" cake.. I love the color peach/apricot.. and here it is

The BIG day photo 9  of course we mutilated it after we cut into it.. because to save money they did one layer stirafoam and then because it was buttercream it started to melt.. no worries we got to it and was able to do the traditional pictures, etc.. Then the crew took it off and cut it for each guest individually!!!

My KD LADIES <3 <3

The BIG day photo 10

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So the Rehearsal Dinner is going to be very low-key. All of our guests will be just arriving in so we wanted to do something casual and really welcome them in. So since traditionally the FMIL prepares this I let her pick the theme... And she picked Luau!! Which is super cute and going to be totally fun.  We are having it at the Origins Golf course pool there in Watersound.. and since its in my parents neighborhood it was free to use!! WHOO!!

This is the dress that I have picked to wear for the rehearsal dinner

Rehearsal Dinner photo 1  I got it at Forever 21 for $22.80 what a steal right???
With these earrings...
Rehearsal Dinner photo 2