Sep 20, 2008

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When we got engaged:
August 3, 2007
How it happened: We LOVE LAS VEGAS and we try to go to at least two to three times a year.
Every time we go to Vegas we love to eat at this restaurant called "IL FORNAIO"
that is in the New York, New York Hotel & Casino.
We love the food, the service, and most of all the setting of the restaurant...
which has a lake and bridge surrounding the restaurant.
While eating dinner FI had smudged his glasses and had his glasses, napkin and his food in his hands.
FI asked for his glasses case so he could have his cloth to clean his glasses,
but since he had too much stuff in his hands he urged for me to get it.
When I opened the eyeglass case the ring was sitting right on top of the cloth.
Then he went into his speech but I was in so much shock and began to cry so much that I missed most of it which he had to repeat it all over again.