Feb 20, 2010

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from my blog, but it's one of my favorite posts, so I had to share it on here!

So here's the thing about me and flowers. I know diamonds are supposed to be a girl's best friend and if anything were to be a runner up it'd probably be roses. But I've just never been a fan of them. Of course, you would never hear my complain if I were to receive them from a special someone *cough* hint hint *cough*, but simply put, roses aren't my cup of tea.

My favorite flower has always been the Stargazer Lilly. I love their fragrant scent and their beautiful coloring, but the thought of smelling them on the day of my wedding gave me a headache just thinking about it. Plus, they start wilting very, very quickly, and I don't want to have dying flowers on my wedding day. It would kinda bring the mood down a bit, don't ya think?

Inspiration Carnations photo 2source

Inspiration Carnations photo 3(The flowers in the martini glass was a gift from Kenny on my birthday.)

At one point I was even considering Gerbera Daisies. I liked how bright and happy they were, and a huge selling point is that they'd be available in the winter.

Inspiration Carnations photo 4

But something wasn't right. While I think they're a gorgeous flower, they just didn't have that soft, romantic vibe that I was longing to achieve. And they almost seemed to be a flower fit for a spring wedding.

And then I found them—or something similar, at least.

I first found this photo and loved it. So lush, so romantic, so...perfect. The problem is that the flowers are peonies, and not only are they not available in February, but they cost a very pretty penny.

And then—after more wedding-blog stalking online—I saw an article about wedding flowers on the cheap and this was the photo accompanying the article:

Inspiration Carnations photo 7Real Simple

Let's look at them side by side, shall we?

Inspiration Carnations photo 8You can hardly even tell that the bouquet on the left is made out of carnations, but yet it looks so much like the one on the right; except that it cost several hundred dollars less, of course.

Carnations are said to be called "divine love," and its scientific name, Dianthus caryophyllu, translates to "flower of love" or "flower of the gods." If that doesn't seem like the perfect fit for a wedding, then I don't know what will.

We recently signed with our florist, Savon Cash and Carry Flowers (the one on Candelaria if you're familiar with the area), and I'm really excited about how they took my vision and ran with it.

Inspiration Carnations photo 10
I saw them at a bridal show, along with several other florists in town, and loved their display. All of the flowers they showcased had the modern/classic vibe that I liked. We didn't even meet with any another florist.

Inspiration Carnations photo 11
I know carnations have a bad reputation for being the "cheap" flower, but I think if cheap can look lush and has the right vibe, then cheap can absolutely be chic.

Inspiration Carnations photo 12

What do you think, are carnations cheap or chic? And what flowers will you/did you have for your wedding?

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With the wedding seven months away, buying shoes was furtherdown on my list. But when I was out helping my mom find shoes to wear with her dress for my brother's wedding I found my ceremony shoes! And the best part is that they were on sale for $17!!!

I've tried searching for these online and they're practically nowhere to be found, but they're Mootsies Tootsies "Korine" - take a look:

Steppin Out in Style photo 1

And then, after we were at the shoe store where I bought these, my mom and I went to Target just to pick up a few things. That's where I found these reception shoes:

Steppin Out in Style photo 2

The mister LOVES Chucks and thanks to Target now carrying Converse, I was able to get myself a pair! I can't wait to dance the night away in these.

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****If I have your photo (or you know who owns certain pictures below) PLEASE let me know so I can give you credit. I started pulling photos I liked to my desktop long before I realized I should credit people!*****

Inspiration Snaps photo 1

Inspiration Snaps photo 2 Inspiration Snaps photo 3

Inspiration Snaps photo 4Inspiration Snaps photo 5

Inspiration Snaps photo 6

Inspiration Snaps photo 7

Inspiration Snaps photo 8       Inspiration Snaps photo 9

       Inspiration Snaps photo 10       Inspiration Snaps photo 11

Inspiration Snaps photo 12

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I saw this over at JDWeddingDay's bio and I want to remember what she has to say, so here it is. (P.S. If you have any "tips" or "random things" to add, please do so in the comments! These may be the things I remember the most on the big day!

Random Things to Know About Planning:
  • Finding "the" dress.  Not everyone has a moment of epiphany that drives them to tears of joy when they find "the" dress.  I certainly didn't.  Like some, you may recognize your wedding dress right off the bat, or, like many others, you may find it, like it, keep looking, and then realize that the dress you tried on 30 dresses ago is the one you've been comparing all others to, the one you felt best in, and the one that's been on your mind all this time.  I've never been a love-at-first-sight, fall-fast-and-fall hard type of girl about relationships (it took two years from the day we met for my husband and I to even become friends!), so it didn't come as a surprise that I was the same way about dress shopping.  Bottom line: everyone will have a different experience when it comes to finding her wedding dress, and that's okay!
  • The first fitting.  I am so glad someone told ME this before my first fitting: the dress is NOT going to look the way you remember it, and you may very well be underwhelmed.  Just remember that the dress hasn't been fitted yet, and it has likely been a long time since you first tried on and purchased the dress.  Pre-wedding bliss does funny things to the memory, so if you really want to remember what the dress looks like - take a picture!  Or, once you purchase the gown, request that the salon send you a picture.  So don't freak out!  You will feel much better after the alterations are all done and the dress really becomes yours - made to fit you
  • Engagement session(s)!!!  Many lucky ladies are inherently photogenic, but I am not one of them - particularly when it comes to taking photos with my hubby.  We're the couple in pictures where one person looks great while the other one looks like s/he has something in his/her eye haha.  How to practice for the big day?  Take lots of engagement pictures!  In addition to our official engagement session with our wedding day photog, we took did two additional FREE engagement sessions with photographers we found on craigslists, trying to build their portfolios, to get the practice.  These sessions were SO helpful - we got comfortable taking pictures with each other, with the traditional portrait poses, and even learned how to kiss photogenically...ha!  So for every couple who needs practice being photographed, there's a photog out there that needs practice photographing!  Take advantage of that!
  • Timing make-up trials.  Many ladies will schedule make-up trials (always a good thing!) to test drive their hair and make-up artists, as well as various looks.  After the session, you will probably look GREAT - don't waste the opportunity to piggy-back your make-up trial with another wedding-related opportunity.  Schedule your make-up trial, for example, on the day of your engagement or b-pic shoot, or on the day you are going to try on dresses or your first fitting, so that you can get a sense of your entire wedding day look.  At the very least, schedule a hot date with your FI that day :)
Random Things to Know About The Big Day:
  • Stand up straight!  I am slouching in so many of my pictures - don't let that happen to you!!!
  • The bouquet is going to be BIG and HEAVY!  My coordinator gave me some very helpful advice - hold the bouquet so that your arms kind of rest on your hips.  That way, your arms don't get as tired, and the bouquet won't block the pretty top of your dress during pics!
  • Bring a snack to the ceremony!  At the last minute as we were leaving for the ceremony site, I grabbed a box of Triscuits - saved me and my bridesmaids from starvation during pre-ceremony and post-ceremony photos!


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I've looked at different bands for my three-stone ring, but nothing is really tickling my fancy. When I put a band up next to it, they don't sit flush, and if they have diamonds on it then it kind of takes away from the e-ring.

I'd really like something somewhat unique, and I like curves, so I've met with a jeweler who I really like and trust and he wants to meet again and i'm supposed to bring in ideas, then he'll design something based off those. If you guys have any ideas, please let me know and post pictures. Here are some that I like:

Here's my e-ring:

Inspiration Ring photo 1

And here's what I've found that I like:

Inspiration Ring photo 2         Inspiration Ring photo 3


Inspiration Ring photo 4      Inspiration Ring photo 5



I'm having my band custom created and this is what it looks like so far. I'm most likely adding a few "baby" diamonds to both sides and slimming down the white gold:

Inspiration Ring photo 6Here's the story of the making of the ring if you're interested: With This Ring

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Boy, oh boy, have I had my stress levels rise when thinking about how to dress the guys. Here's my dilemma: My FI is in the Air Force will be wearing his mess dress that looks something like this:

Inspiration The Gents photo 1


It may not look like it from the picture, but Mess Dress is a deep midnight blue. And blue doesn't really go with my brown and pink color scheme. I think, though, that I'm going to have the groomsmen wear brown tuxes instead of black, especially since the girls will also be wearing brown. I think if I added black into the mix it'd just look like I had a big bruise up there during our pictures. what do you think? Here's my inspiration for the other guys:

Inspiration The Gents photo 2


LOVE it! Now I just need to figure out if they'll be wearing brown ties or if I should throw some pink ties in there.


UPDATE: Everyone's nixed the brown tux idea, so we're going with black tuxes and brown vest/ties that'll look something like this:

Inspiration The Gents photo 3
Inspiration The Gents photo 4