Feb 20, 2010

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My girls are very adament about not wanting to wear pink. I know, I know, it's my wedding and since I'm the bride they should do what I want. Well, I know how they are and pink would not suit their personality, so whatever we find for them will be in a dark chocolate brown. Here are some we're thinking about (any dresses that have a two-toned look may be either all brown or brown and light pink):

Inspiration The Ladies photo 1Inspiration The Ladies photo 2 Inspiration The Ladies photo 3

source                                 source                                         source

Inspiration The Ladies photo 4             Inspiration The Ladies photo 5

                source                                                          source


And here's the dress we're actually going with! It's actually going to be in a deep brown, but all the girls said they LOVE it and actually want to wear it again! 

Here is Eden style 7250:

Inspiration The Ladies photo 6
Inspiration The Ladies photo 7
Inspiration The Ladies photo 8

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These were created by my awesome MOH and I just love them! We're still figuring out how we want to mail them, but at least we have the design!

(and if you think you've seen something similar, it's becuase I completely and stole the concept from Mrs. Pineapple over at Weddingbee!)

I tried to enlarge it a bit, but now it's a bit fuzzy - sorry!

Save The Date photo 1

Save The Date photo 2

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I have to admit that the following flower idea is the base for my whole color scheme: 

Inspiration Centerpieces photo 1

I just fell in love with the idea of dark espresso-covered coffee beans and light pink flowers fluffing out around it. I also like the contemporary look, so I'd like them to be in square vases. Then I want to tie the whole thing together with a few candles to soften up the whole look and make it romantic. Here are my inspiration pics, so hopefully I can try to make my vision happen!

  Inspiration Centerpieces photo 2Inspiration Centerpieces photo 3Inspiration Centerpieces photo 4Inspiration Centerpieces photo 5


Since real flower centerpieces cost way more than I want to pay, I thought it'd be a good idea to try to make my own. Yup. I'm going to attempt to Do. It. Myself. Here's my first attempt (all with products from the Dollar Tree):

I got a square vase from ($1), two bunches white carnations (1 dozen, $2), and two bunches of light pink roses (1 dozen, $2 - but I only used six of them, so really it was $1 for that). So. The grand total for this centerpiece? Four bucks. Inspiration Centerpieces photo 6When/if I do this for real I'll probably get some flowers from Hobby Lobby, because I don't really want white flowers. BUT, what do you think of the carnations? I think it gives it that soft, poofy look I like! The vase is also a little small, I think, so I'd need to see what it looks like on table set for ten people.
Inspiration Centerpieces photo 7Just squint real hard and maybe you'll see coffee beans in the vase, and all light pink flowers.
So what do you think? Seriously, honest opinions!

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Finding an actual location to get married was one of the bigger challenges we faced. I grew up Catholic, but converted to Christianity several years ago, but I don't belong to a church. My fiance is not affiliated with any religion or church. He honestly hasn't been vocal about things he wants with the wedding except that he would rather not get married in a church - his whole family is not religious, but my side of the family is VERY religious - so I found a compromise!

I'm in love with the fact that this chapel looks like a church, feels like a church, but isn't a church; it's exactly where I pictured I'd get married some day!

The Chapel at Hotel Albuquerque:

from the outside:

Goin to the chapel photo 1               Goin to the chapel photo 2

the bridal suite where I'll get ready (where they took this picture is a GIGANTIC mirror!:

  Goin to the chapel photo 3

    and the chapel (I'm REALLY not a fan of the bows; I'd rather have flowers, I think):

Goin to the chapel photo 4

The above photos courtesy of Hotel Albuquerque

A view from the balcony looking down:             We can take pictures at the top, too!

                     Goin to the chapel photo 5                 Goin to the chapel photo 6

   source for the above two

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I tried to break my to-do list up into categories, but I don't know if it's the most organized way. If anyone has any thoughts, suggestions, or things I left of please let me know!!

The Look:

  • Dress DONE! (Brides by Demetrios)
  • Engagement Ring: DONE! (Blue Nile)
  • Veil:
  • Garter:
  • Ceremony shoes: DONE!
  • Reception shoes: DONE!
  • Bride Accessories (earrings, necklace, etc.)
  • Bridesmaid dresses:Done! (Brides by Demetrios, Eden style 7211)
  • Flower girls dresses:
  • Groomsmen suits/tuxes:
  • Rehearsal dinner dress:
  • Something old
  • Something new Dress
  • Something borrowed
  • Something blue My Nana's Broach
  • Talk to custom jeweler about creating my band: Butterfield Jewelers
  • My wedding band:
  • His wedding band:
  • Find MUA:
  • Find Hairstylist:
  • Makeup trial:
  • Hair trial:


  • Wedding website DONE! (!)
  • DJ: DONE! (my brother!
  • Photographer: DONE! Kim Jackson Photography (
  • Pre-wedding photographer:DONE! Don James (
  • Videographer DONE!(my cousin!
  • Engagement pictures DONE!(ask for link)
  • Wedding Planner: DONE! Karen with Celebrations! Style
  • Get e-ring insured
  • Check with fire marshal to have candles at reception
  • Guest list
  • Order STDs DONE! ( 100 postcards and envelops, $38.98)
  • Buy Magnets for STDs DONE (OfficeMax, $15 for 75 business-card sized magnets)
  • Send out STDs September 1
  • Order Pocketfolds (Paper and more, $120 for 150 Bronze)
  • order envelopes (Cards and pockets $21 + $8 for shipping for 125 cotton candy envelopes)
  • Get Paper for invites: (XPedex,
  • DIY Invitations
  • Send out Invites
  • Registries
  • Block rooms at hotel DONE! Two hotels have room blocks
  • DIY Programs
  • DIY Guestbook
  • Have our Tasting
  • Find a florist (Savon Flowers)
  • Decide on Honeymoon
  • Rehearsal dinner location
  • Book Honeymoon
  • Pickup Marriage License
  • Gifts for BM and parents
  • Family must-take photo list


  • Ceremony location: DONE! (Hotel Albuquerque in chapel)
  • Ceremony music:
  • Pick “readings”:
  • Find faux petals:
  • DIY Pomanders for aisles:
  • DIY flower girl baskets
  • DIY Table Runners


  • Reception location: DONE! (Hotel Albuquerque in the Franciscan)
  • Music
    • First Dance:
    • Father/Daughter:
    • Mother/Son:
    • Bouquet Toss:
    • Garter Toss:
    • Cake Cutting:Sugar Sugar, Pour Some Sugar on Me, How Sweet it is (to be loved by you), Build Me Up Buttercup
  • Get coffee beans for centerpieces:
  • Get square vases for centerpieces (Savon Flower providing)
  • Cake:
  • Groom’s Cake:
  • Cupcakes:
  • Photobooth? Kim Jackson Photogrpahy


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Yummy, yummy in our tummy

I love the look of having a tradtional cake, but I'm completely drawn to cupcakes! I have a few ideas of how to pull it off, so I'll have to see what the baker thinks a few months down the road. These are some patterns/designs I like, but picture everything in a chocolate and light pink if it's not already!

Inspiration Cakes photo 1

The cake was originally going to look like the one above, but I recently just changed it and now it will be a two tiered like the one below.

Inspiration Cakes photo 2

We are also having cupcakes...13 dozen of them to be exact! They're coming from Cupcakeology and will taste divine! These are the flavors:

Cheesecake Vanilla cake topped with cheesecake frosting, seasonal berries  & graham cracker crumbs.

Hazelnut Happiness Chocolate cake cake topped with Nutella buttercream & toasted hazelnuts.

Mint Chocolate Dark chocolate cake topped with mint buttercream & an Andes mint.

Red Velvet Classic red velvet cake topped with cream cheese frosting.

Cake Topper

I am in LOVE with this cake topper, but my parents aren't too crazy about it. We'll see if I can find something similar in the mean time!

Inspiration Cakes photo 3


ACTUAL! My fiance gave me this topper for Christmas. It's not exactly like the one above, it's a tamer version, but I love it!

Inspiration Cakes photo 4