Jun 27, 2009

House of Brides
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We started at the House of Brides last June, 2008. My daughter is getting married this July, 2009. She bought her dress elsewhere but found the bridesmaid dresses here as did I, mother of the bride! Not only did I find one, I bought two. All of the bridesmaids were fitted by the end of June, 2008 and were told to pay in full so that the dresses could be ordered. I was told the same and all dresses were paid for as requested. We expected the dresses were ordered and waited the 4 mos. we were told it would take for the dresses to arrive. I re-ordered my dress in a different color on January 19, 2009 and told that I would not get any money back on the previous order since all orders are final. I did mention that the dresses had not arrived, so why couldn't I change the obviously was not even cut yet? Lucy the manager made it clear that all sales are final, period. Like a fool, I re-ordered anyway and sucked it up. Lucy was of no help then and it just got worse. There were no dresses until April!!! No reason as to why it took so long for the order. Two dresses needed to be mailed to CA and the other to Hawaii. No one told us it would cost us another $35.00 to mail them out, so that became an issue. Why couldn't they go right to the customer from the vendor? No answer as to why. My niece's dress went to CA and did not fit. The size is cut smaller than other dresses in a bridal salon in CA by the same vendor. The zipper was stitched into the fabric so it cannot be pulled down all of the way. When a call was placed the next day, Saturday before Easter, to Lucy, she began to yell at my daughter who was also upset about the situation. I could hear Lucy yelling through the cell phone as I sat next to my daughter...Lucy was very rude and unprofessional and of no assistance in making this right. She told my daughter that the dress could not be re-ordered as there was not enough time and she was out of luck. My daughter said the dress was defective and Lucy's answer was that how did she know that my niece didn't jam the zipper! After much discussion back and forth, my daughter asked several times when the dresses were actually ordered, but never got an answer. Lucy told her she would look into the order and call her didn't happen so I called the store the next Monday at 11:00 when the store opens. Lucy is never there until the afternoon and no one has the rights in the store to get into computers, answer questions, etc., except Lucy. Talk about total control!!!! I explained the entire situation to the gal at the front desk, that it appears is only allowed to answer the phone, and she would let the assistant mgr. know what is going on when she comes in. There was no one there to help me when I called! Late in the afternoon, at almost 5:30, I received a call from the assistant mgr. reiterating all of the same empty talk that Lucy gave my daughter on Saturday. Lucy didn't have the nerve to even call me to discuss the matter. As fate would have it, we got disconnected when I again asked the asst. mgr. when the orders were placed...she would have to check and placed me on hold. I waited for about 10 minutes and I finally got a return call...from Lucy. She and I did battle on the state of the affairs and she offered no help whatsoever. The dress belonged to my niece now...basically, too bad so sad for me! I told her that she is acting irresponsibly, and that she is my advocate and should be defending me and helping me as her customer. I paid on time and deserve better treatment, plus she was hoarding my money, gaining interest on it and I had nothing to show for it. She washed her hands of the entire situation. My niece went to a salon in CA and was treated like a queen, as it should be. My niece explained our situation and the salon owner looked at the defective dress and agreed that it was not the usual product that the vendor produces. The zipper was stitched into the fabric and the dress was on the small size. She called the vendor and while we got nothing back for the original dress, this CA salon is able to secure a new dress for my niece, will have it by the end of May and will alter it in one day for her. My niece said that the vendor there has letters all over the store from happy brides complementing the salon on the treatment they received, making their wedding day very special. You do not find any such letters at the House of Brides. Lucy, as it turns out, attempted to find out about my nieces order...we found this out through the CA vendor and the dress vendor lied to Lucy to get her off their back. When we later questioned Lucy about the order date of our dresses, and still got no answer, she told us that the dress my niece thinks she ordered will not be in on time as my niece thinks it will. She is just mean! Calling the CA salon owner again, my niece has confirmation on the dress and the reassurance from the salon owner that it will be here as promised. The CA salon does business with our dress vendor all the time and when they say the dress will be here in 4 mos., they deliver. She felt it was unusual that our dresses were not in as promised. There is no reason our dresses were not here in Oct. When I told Lucy that, I explained that we hear horror stories all the time regarding bridal dresses and wanted to allow plenty of time for correction of errors if that were to be the case...hence we wanted to order early so that we had time to re-order if need be. Did I also mention that the original sales consultant was fired shortly after our orders were to have been placed? You would think as a result, the store would have gone out of their way to help us out...they got rid of a bad employee and yet no one has offered to take care of us, the customer. The dress I ordered in Jan. just came in...almost 4 mos to the day! Interesting...and it came from the same vendor! Plus the original dress I ordered in June of '08 had come in just about two weeks before. Lucy, in the end, asked to have my niece return the dress for her to see...but after the rude treatment, accusations and run around, my sister will not send the dress to her because she does not trust Lucy at all. Lucy also has told my sister that she would not get her money back, so my sister decided to wash her hands of the store completely. Why spend another $35 to send it back to have Lucy tell her that very thing and again not offer to help? I was in the store last Friday to retrieve my dress, and again asked for the order date on the original dresses. No one could give me that information but Lucy...surprise!!! The assistant manager was there, but even she could not answer me. Lucy called my daughter the following day and finally told her that the dresses were ordered last August 28, 2008!!!! That is a full month and then some since they had our money and why weren't the dresses here before April of '09...the answer...sometimes the vendor see's the wedding date and won't send the dresses until two months before the wedding. Does anyone tell you that? NO!!! And how do they correct a mistake if it takes 4 mos. to order? They don' are out of least at this store and with this management. And why couldn't I change the color of my dress in January when I went to re-order since it was not yet even cut? No answer. STAY CLEAR OF THIS STORE!!!! If you have a complaint, the only one to talk to is Lucy and she will not help you. You cannot find out who is above her and no one answers you if you call the Customer Service number. There is no Corporate Office to contact either except through niece did that two weeks ago and still has had no response. The company is shady and I am telling you to stay away from them. There are some lovely young gals at the front desk but they are powerless...Lucy has control of the entire place and she is not willing to work with you despite the fact she should be your advocate as the consumer. She will take your money and run. Go to any store other than the House of Brides.
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