Aug 15, 2009

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Pro Pics Finally photo 1Pro Pics Finally photo 2Pro Pics Finally photo 3Pro Pics Finally photo 4Pro Pics Finally photo 5Pro Pics Finally photo 6Pro Pics Finally photo 7Pro Pics Finally photo 8Pro Pics Finally photo 9Pro Pics Finally photo 10Pro Pics Finally photo 11Pro Pics Finally photo 12Pro Pics Finally photo 13Pro Pics Finally photo 14Pro Pics Finally photo 15

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Many pics that family/friends took on our special day! There are many more but putting them all up would take way too much time. LOL!

Non pro pics photo 1Non pro pics photo 2Non pro pics photo 3Non pro pics photo 4Non pro pics photo 5Non pro pics photo 6Non pro pics photo 7Non pro pics photo 8Non pro pics photo 9Non pro pics photo 10Non pro pics photo 11Non pro pics photo 12Non pro pics photo 13

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My girls gave me a great shower at a beautiful winery!

Shower Bachelorette Party photo 1Shower Bachelorette Party photo 2Shower Bachelorette Party photo 3Shower Bachelorette Party photo 4Shower Bachelorette Party photo 5

My lingerie party was held at my house then we all went out afterwards. We met up at the guys party later in the night.

Shower Bachelorette Party photo 6Shower Bachelorette Party photo 7Shower Bachelorette Party photo 8

One of FH's friends decided to give me a lap dance. It was very unexpected!

Shower Bachelorette Party photo 9

Then we rode the 4-wheeler...

Shower Bachelorette Party photo 10Shower Bachelorette Party photo 11

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Ceremony Music:

Seating of parents & grandparents

"Footprints in the sand" by Leona Lewis

Bridal Party & Bride entrance

"I just call you mine" by Martina McBride

Special done after sand ceremony

"Love is not a fight" by Warren Barfield


"Don't you know I always loved you" by Third Day


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I ordered my bouquet from an ebay seller. It has stargazer lillies, calla lillies, & orchids in it & also a butterfly pin. It's beautiful! Stock photo w/ my actual bouquet beside it.

Flowers photo 1  Flowers photo 2

The bridesmaids will be carrying cream calla bouquets. The jr. bm will carry a calla & orchid bouquet.

Flowers photo 3

Flowers girls will carry orchid flower balls.  **What I received wasn't at all what I wanted but we just made do and left them how they were**

Flowers photo 4

**This is what I received...not a happy bride**  I had to have another florist fix the bouquets the night before the wedding so they actually look better than they were before.

Flowers photo 5 

Mothers corsages will be an orchid & calla.

Attendant corsages will be a single calla.

Bouts will be single calla.

Flowers photo 6

I give the florist an FFF! She didn't make at all what I wanted, some of the flowers had stains on them and weren't even silk. I wish now I would've went back and got all of my money back.

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Just a few of our many engagement photos photo 1Just a few of our many engagement photos photo 2Just a few of our many engagement photos photo 3Just a few of our many engagement photos photo 4Just a few of our many engagement photos photo 5Just a few of our many engagement photos photo 6Just a few of our many engagement photos photo 7Just a few of our many engagement photos photo 8Just a few of our many engagement photos photo 9