Sep 05, 2009

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Reception photo 1

Of course, Snoopy and Woodstock were invited!Reception photo 2

Reception photo 3

Centerpieces of flowers around crabapple jars wrapped in raffia with "double happiness" tags

Reception photo 4Reception photo 5Reception photo 6



Our favors were Norwegian heart baskets made with paper printed with Chinese symbols. We filled the baskets with chocolate-covered coffee beans.








    Reception photo 7Reception photo 8Reception photo 9Reception photo 10Reception photo 11Reception photo 12Reception photo 13Reception photo 14Reception photo 15Reception photo 16Reception photo 17

Reception photo 18Reception photo 19

Reception photo 20Reception photo 21Reception photo 22Reception photo 23Reception photo 24Reception photo 25

Reception photo 26Reception photo 27Reception photo 28Reception photo 29

 Reception photo 30Reception photo 31Reception photo 32Reception photo 33Reception photo 34Reception photo 35Reception photo 36Reception photo 37Reception photo 38Reception photo 39Reception photo 40Reception photo 41Reception photo 42Reception photo 43Reception photo 44Reception photo 45Reception photo 46Reception photo 47Reception photo 48

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Gorgeous shots by our talented photographer, Alex Schoenfeldt


 I kissed a boy at church!

Our Wedding Day photo 1

We were fortunate to have time to ourselves at this gazebo overlooking the beautiful Crystal Springs Reservior

Our Wedding Day photo 2Our Wedding Day photo 3Our Wedding Day photo 4

Our Wedding Day photo 5Our Wedding Day photo 6Our Wedding Day photo 7Our Wedding Day photo 8Our Wedding Day photo 9

Our Wedding Day photo 10Our Wedding Day photo 11Our Wedding Day photo 12Our Wedding Day photo 13Our Wedding Day photo 14Our Wedding Day photo 15Our Wedding Day photo 16Our Wedding Day photo 17

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Formals photo 1Formals photo 2Formals photo 3 Formals photo 4Formals photo 5Formals photo 6Formals photo 7Formals photo 8Formals photo 9Formals photo 10Formals photo 11Formals photo 12

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Hope Lutheran Church

Ceremony photo 1

The wedding party:

Ceremony photo 2

Going to hide out downstairs to wait for the ceremony to start:

Ceremony photo 3     

The dashing men:

Ceremony photo 4

Guest sign-in table

Ceremony photo 5Ceremony photo 6Ceremony photo 7Ceremony photo 8

Guests arriving

Ceremony photo 9Ceremony photo 10Ceremony photo 11Ceremony photo 12Ceremony photo 13Ceremony photo 14Ceremony photo 15Ceremony photo 16


Ceremony photo 17

John's mom and brother:

Ceremony photo 18 

My mom and brother:

Ceremony photo 19

My lovely maid of honor:

Ceremony photo 20 

Here we go!

Ceremony photo 21   Ceremony photo 22

Ceremony photo 23  Ceremony photo 24   Ceremony photo 25

Our readers:

Ceremony photo 26  Ceremony photo 27

The vows:

Ceremony photo 28

The ring exchange:

 Ceremony photo 29

 Yea, we're married! 

Ceremony photo 30

Ceremony photo 31

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My parents' house all decorated:

Chinese Tea Ceremony photo 1

Serving tea to my parents:

Chinese Tea Ceremony photo 2


Chinese Tea Ceremony photo 3

Chinese Tea Ceremony photo 4

 John: "Did I say it right?"

Chinese Tea Ceremony photo 5

Chinese Tea Ceremony photo 6

 My amazing father made the curtain and signs. Top sign: "The daughter has gone home." Bottom sign: "Double happiness."

Chinese Tea Ceremony photo 7

Chinese Tea Ceremony photo 8

Dad also made the arch, so we had to use it for some shots.

Chinese Tea Ceremony photo 9      Chinese Tea Ceremony photo 10

And of course, Dad made the swans!

Chinese Tea Ceremony photo 11