Feb 20, 2010

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******* I added this to my bio so that I could add pictures to support my review*******

I contacted Sue to do my wedding flowers after personal recommendations from both of my sisters. Sue did a BEAUTIFUL trial for me of my CP’s and ceremony/reception décor. She is a Hamilton/Toronto florist specializing in weddings.

Up until my wedding day, she was great. She answered all of my emails/phone calls promptly and I was really looking forward to seeing the finished product. Flowers were one of the elements I was most excited to see. I had put a countless amount of time and effort into all my floral details and I could hardly wait to see the finished product.

I have never been more disappointed in my entire life.

Here are pictures of my trials. They were very beautiful, romantic looking and dynamic.

VENDOR REVIEW Sue Gallo Designs photo 1 VENDOR REVIEW Sue Gallo Designs photo 2VENDOR REVIEW Sue Gallo Designs photo 3


Here is what the actual looked like. My photographer made them look better than they actually were. They were thrown together and had a few (very sparse) petals thrown on the tables. The vases were practically empty of petals and there were no crystals in the vases as pictured. Also, please note the disgusting green tacky product all over them. They were a complete embarrassment.  As were the CP’s. I told my photographer I didn’t even want a picture of them as they were actually horrendous.

VENDOR REVIEW Sue Gallo Designs photo 4VENDOR REVIEW Sue Gallo Designs photo 5

My bouquet was to have feathers in it as per the below inspiration. Although, the actual bouquet was what we agreed to (one of the only elements that was even close to correct), she forgot the feathers which I was a bit upset about. My MOH called the florist to ask her to come fix it (yes, the morning of the wedding) and when Sue came in, she stated “I didn’t know you wanted feathers…I know we talked about it but it wasn’t on the order”. Well, it was on my order which was a photocopy of her order not to mention the fact that it was Sue’s idea to have the Groom’s bout “match” the brides bouquet and his bout was so full of feathers, it looked like a bird. The below picture is AFTER she "fixed" my bouquet...

VENDOR REVIEW Sue Gallo Designs photo 6VENDOR REVIEW Sue Gallo Designs photo 7

I had added some head table décor to my order. I had specifically requested décor that was “rich and full” looking in petals with some candles. Sue had commented that she would do groupings of candles to emulate the trees but it would look very rich and full regardless. Does this look rich and full to you? Better question, does this look like it was worth $55? I think not.

VENDOR REVIEW Sue Gallo Designs photo 8VENDOR REVIEW Sue Gallo Designs photo 9

I think one of the kickers with dealing with Sue was the linens on the ceremony décor. We had originally agreed upon black coloured linens for the trees. A few days before the wedding, I had changed my mind to ivory, as our ceremony was taking place in a church and my mom was uncomfortable with such a dark colour for the church but we would still keep the black for the reception. Sue stated that the charge to change the linens for the ceremony was $25 per table (x 4) for a total of $100 plus tax – grand total of $113. I had questioned the charge and inquired why the cost was so high and Sue replied “we still need to clean and steam the linens”. Fine. When my fiancé (at the time) went to go drop off the cheque for the linens, Sue instructed him to make it out for $135, which he did. Still to this day, I have no idea what that additional $22 was for. When I saw the linens at the ceremony venue, this is what they looked like (below...a bit hard to tell but they were VERY wrinkly). Clearly, not  steamed, so I was VERY unclear about what the charge was for?? I emailed Sue inquiring and she never responded. In fact, to this day, she has not responded to my multiple emails and voicemails.

VENDOR REVIEW Sue Gallo Designs photo 10

This is only a highlight of what went wrong with my florals. Literally, every single element of my florals was incorrect and very cheaply done.

Sue Gallo, in my opinion, is nothing more than a scam artist and does not deserve your business. You are better off getting a kid from a grocery store to do your florals. What a mistake I made hiring her. She was the ONLY vendor that I was disappointed with and what a disaster. She was a TOTAL rip off (see below for another example of my cake "decor" <-yes, I am using that term very loosely. This cost $50).

VENDOR REVIEW Sue Gallo Designs photo 11

Do not hire her.



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As a thank you, FI is getting his groomsmen vintage typewriter cufflinks in their initials. Available Here.

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We were contemplating just ditching the favours all together BUT I found this great deal at Beaucoup Favors on these super cute snowflake wine stoppers! They were the 'Deal of the Day' and I got 144 for just over $200! I am doing one per couple.

favours photo 1

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I just love this bracelet I bought from Midnyteblue. It is the popular Dana Saylor bracelet and I am excited to wear something that a fellow PWer wore on their big day :). I will also be selling this after my wedding...hopefully another bride will look forward to wearing it as much as I am!

Thanks Faith!

EDIT - Sold to my friend, xxxashleyxxx07

a special purchase from PW photo 1a special purchase from PW photo 2

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shower rehearsal dinner dress photo 1

T-Angela Pleat dress from French Connection.

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7 glorious days in Aruba. A very much needed vacation :). We are staying at the Riu Palace and I cannot wait!!!

honeymoon photo 1honeymoon photo 2

honeymoon photo 3