Mar 20, 2010

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What a wonderful day we had!  Our first date had to be rescheduled do to rain and this day turned out to be the best day for clear weather in over a week!  How lucky were we! Our photographers are wonderful and I can't say enough wonderful things about them.  Our session was in Tower Grove Park located in the Saint Louis City area and as you can tell the colors were perfect! Everyone had a great time from the puppies and the couple needing to get a room on the park bench! LOL

E PICS photo 1   E PICS photo 2

E PICS photo 3  E PICS photo 4

E PICS photo 5   E PICS photo 6   E PICS photo 7

E PICS photo 8   E PICS photo 9

How flirtty of my Hershey to look at the camera!!!

E PICS photo 10

As you can tell we are a "Divided House!"  Go Cards!!

                                  E PICS photo 11

                  E PICS photo 12          E PICS photo 13

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I have 2 groups on Project wedding - please join us for the fun!

  • St. Louis Brides:  This is a group for STL and Southern Ill. brides (others may join) to support and celebrate our wedding planning journey!
  • Diabetic Brides: This is a supportive group for diabetic brides planning their wedding.  This group discusses their planning joys, woes, and everything in between. All are welcome, not just diabetics!

I all so belong to the following groups:

  • Plus Size Brides: Where we talk about plus size fashion and b-pics! Yes we are sexy!
  • March 2010 Brides: Where March brides talk about all things spring wedding related.
  • Purple Wedding: Where brides whose color schemes involve purple post ideas and planning they've done.
  • Group Owners Lounge:  Where we talk about all things related to Groups:  how to promote, how to grow, how to manage these smaller Communties within PW. 
  • Old Hollywood Glam Brides: Where ideas are shared about Hollywood glam style is shared.
  • Project Wedding Slim Down: Project Wedding brides discuss weight loss.
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Flowers: Jackie Davis - No website, which is why she is able to keep your costs very low. If your wedding is in the STL area send me a message and I'll give you her email.

Venders photo 1

Reception: The Franklin Room 816 Allen Ave St. Louis, MO 63104

Ceremony:  The Jewel Box       Forest Park, City of St. Louis, MO

Bakery:  Lubeley's Deli and Bakery   



Candy for our candy buffet:

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I loved trying on dresses.  It was a lot of fun.  I found a lot of dresses that I liked and thought that the decision would be tough.  I knew I wanted an A line, strapless dress with beading and embroidery. Then I tried on "the dress." I love it!  I ordered about 5 weeks ago and was told to expect it in anywhere between 4 to 6 months.  My poor father will be seeing alot of my on weekends because I'll be admiring and putting my dress!! What I love particularly about the dress is the embroidery. There are hearts "hidden" throughout the dress. I love it!!

The Dress photo 1The Dress photo 2The Dress photo 3

 My first try on!

The Dress photo 4The Dress photo 5The Dress photo 6

Bottom detailing with my shoes.

The Dress photo 7

My hair style will look something likethis:

The Dress photo 8

I know I want a comb for my hair.  With the help of PW ladies the winner by a landslide is comb #1!

The Dress photo 9

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When I first started thinking of colors for my wedding I really had no clue.  Since the wedding, and my birthday, are in March I started looking at greens.  I was not very happy with any of the sades I was finding. So, I also liked purple and thus have settled on eggplant with hints of apple/spring greens and yellow.

 Wedding, Purple, Inspiration, Board     Wedding, Purple, Inspiration, Board, Color

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My bridesmaid dresses are by Bill Levkof.  They will be eggplant with the midsection ivory. Haven't gotten any farther than this yet.The Bridesmaids photo 1