Mar 02, 2008

Jan Garcia Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Okay, below is from my other half :) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ We picked Jan Garcia as our photographer because we both really like his style. We met with Jan and his wife, Tey, and we instantly connected. Jan and Tey have such friendly personality, we know working with them would be fun for us too. We shot our engagement photo in December, and it was absolutely a blast working with Jan. Jan has such a fun personality, and he was able to capture the moment so well. It was my first time having a professional photographer taking pictures of me, and I already felt like a superstar. The turn-around time for the photos were relatively quickly, and I dont think I ever want my picture taken with an amateur camera anymore. During the day of our wedding, Jan and Tey proposed so many creative poses and scoped out so many locations, we were extremely pleased with our wedding photos. They were able to capture our entire wedding as if it was a storybook, every time we look at the photos, it will remind us how beautiful the day was for us. If I ever need a professional photographer in the future, Jan will be the first person I will call. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ From me, Jan Garcia is the best from the 100+ photographers we research. After the wedding, he makes us a slide show with music that will make you cry tears of happiness. Jan really captures all the details and wonderful moments of the day. We unconditionally recommend Jan and Tey Garica to anyone who spends more time finding a talented photographer than her gown. :D Check out his website and blog!
Services used: Photography