Oct 18, 2009

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Just got back from my final dress fitting and now my wedding look is complete! For jewlery, I am wearing a diamond tennis bracelet and the pearls my grandmother gave me for my 13th birthday. Trying to figure out if I need a necklace or not.

She s Got the Look photo 1   She s Got the Look photo 2

My hair from the hair trial...

She s Got the Look photo 3She s Got the Look photo 4

My bouquet:

She s Got the Look photo 5


Shoes: Still no clue and the wedding is a month away!! Gah!!


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Tell me, what bride does NOT fall in love with letterpress? When I was doing my initial wedding research on the web I kept stumbling on to these amazing invite suites. Not only were they done in letterpress, they were personalized to the couple. And the paper theme carried throughout the wedding. And I thought to myself MUST HAVE.

Of course, I did not need to have letterpress. It's just this primal desire which I think resides in most brides to be. But I did love the personalization aspect and vowed to do it myself. The STDs were the first step in that direction.

                                        Save the Date photo 1

I drew the flower pattern myself, inspired by (what else?) a letterpress suite I had seen online. The floral theme and the orange and yellow are going to carry over to every other paper aspect of the wedding. The plan is to use one of the smaller flowers as the template for the laser etching which will go on the invites.

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...when obtained ethically! Mind you I am just paraphrasing Kanye, but when FI and I started talking about getting engaged, I insisted that the diamonds come from a clean source. Otherwise, I would be very happy with a ruby or a sapphire. Of course, I always wanted a diamond engagement ring. In a particular, a three stone brilliant cut diamond engagement ring. When I was a little girl, I used to play "Fancy Ladies" with my sister and we would fight over who got to wear our mother's engagement ring. It looks something like this:

                                                    Diamonds Are a Girl s Best Friend photo 1

I always thought that it was the most beautiful ring in the whole entire world (and would frequently express this sentiment). BUT the guy at Tiffanys told me that gem stones tend to fracture more easily than diamonds and as someone who slams their hands into tables on a regular basis, this seemed like a poor option for me. So diamonds it was. In particular, I lusted after this ring from Tiffanys!

                                                    Diamonds Are a Girl s Best Friend photo 2

I jumped for joy when FI told me that his parents had offered me diamonds which belonged to the family for my engagement ring. Not only did it show me how much his parents wanted me to marry their son, it also meant that the diamonds would be ethically obtained. Seriously, these diamonds are OLD. Like probably mined by people from the old country (Russia), old. Without further ado, here is the ring FI designed for me with said diamonds:

    Diamonds Are a Girl s Best Friend photo 3  Diamonds Are a Girl s Best Friend photo 4

Wow, did I mention I SUCK at taking pictures of my ring? Seriously, I spent a whole afternoon trying and this is the best I could come up with. Sheesh. 


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Since my gown has a surprise back ( Hair Inspiration photo 1 ) I have decided that my hair needs to be mostly up. I have fairly long hair which grows like unchecked dandelions, so piling it all on top of my head seems a bit much for me. I don't want a B-52s behive. So I've been searching the web and collecting pictures of what I like.

Hair Inspiration photo 2 Natalie Portman, my beauty idol. I have hair which is very similar to her's so this type of up do might work very well for me. However, I'm not very good at pulling off the whole headband look as I have a round face. I'd have to soften it up a bit and get some more fullness in the front.


Hair Inspiration photo 3 Definitely my favorite, but it's just a little bit too tousled for my vintagey gown. I just like the deconstructed look of it, plus the pins with flower sprigs on them.

Hair Inspiration photo 4 I will probably chose this one, in truth. It's a braided bun updo, with fullness in the front. Plus, I'm probably going to be wearing dangly earrings like that as well. :)


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I did not want to go the traditional bridesmaid dress route. No offense to anyone who went with David's Bridal, but I wanted dresses that not only reflected my sense of style but something that my girls would be happy wearing. I had the color in mind (a dark purple, plum) and the length (tea), so it was just a matter of looking.

I began looking. With five bridesmaids helping me out, I thought it would be easy. Boy was I wrong! I looked everywhere - Anthropologie, Nordstroms, Bloomingdales, Macys - and found nothing for FOUR months. I found my own dress the first time I went looking. Finally, the Adrianna Papel Shantung Silk dress entered into the picture. Know that feeling you get, the first time you see something perfect? My heart got all light and I felt like a weight got lifted off my shoulders. I sent it around to the girls and they all loved it. Even the fact that it was backordered did nothing to diminish my happiness.

Bridesmaid Dresses photo 1

My maid of honor got her dress first. It looks fabulous on her!!

Bridesmaid Dresses photo 2

After I found it, I noticed that it was a popular choice in the wedding world. I've been so excited to see it on other bridal parties! They all look so beautiful and I love checking out the shoes they match with it. I am going to let the girls chose their own shoes. I'm already making them wear the same dress, after all.

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I love, love, love my dress! I knew that I wanted my gown to be something special, something unique, something utterly ME. I believe I have found it. Even after months of looking at other gowns (rather wedding gown obsessed), I still have not found a dress which makes me regret my choice.

My Dress photo 1     My Dress photo 2

My Dress photo 3  

Her name is "Kristene" and she was designed by the talented Claire Pettibone.

My Dress photo 4