Sep 04, 2010

Court Leve Photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I hired Court Leve to be our wedding photographer and he was wonderful! Prior to booking him, I discovered his amazing ski photography published in many magazines. We were excited to hire a photographer with a different photography background. He was very creative during our engagement photo session and our wedding day. In addition, his non-obtrusive style was much appreciated by my Priest and family members - we barely even noticed him, yet he managed to capture all of the important moments and more! We were pleasantly surprised to receive an email from him the day we arrived back from our honeymoon stating that our photos were ready! All my friends had to wait months for their wedding photos. Every photo turned out to be my favorite - they were sharp, unique, and beautiful! I would gladly recommend any bride to Court Leve Photography. Whether you're looking for the traditional wedding style, photo journalism, or something unique Court is your photographer!
Services used: Unique Services

One Fine Day Events
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I was the maid of honor at my friend's wedding and was by her side throughout the entire planning process. She hired One Fine Day about 9 months before her wedding (after a few meltdowns and realizing that she just didn't have the time, nor the skills for wedding planning). One Fine Day was brilliant - Stephanie, the owner, helped her with all the nitty gritty. She met with her every time she came into town and was nothing but incredibly patient and knowledgeable. In addition, she worked with the band and figured out all of the "extras" they needed - their contract was ridiculous - there were lots of additional items they required throughout the night of the wedding. Not only did One Fine Day help my friend prior to the wedding, but the entire team (owner plus a few assistants) coordinated a flawless wedding. Nothing was too much to ask - the arch fell over a few minutes before the service - her staff had it up before the guests even noticed it had blown over; the kitchen was running late, so One Fine Day created a diversion so that guests didn't notice the extra half hour of the cocktail reception; the band lost the first dance song, so Stephanie gave them her extra copy. I can't praise this company enough! They are simply wonderful!
Services used: Wedding Planning