Apr 25, 2008

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Matt and I met 4 years ago we were great friends then roommates first.We spent many nights up talking and just started from there.Matt has a little girl,she was 2 when we met and what drew me to him at first is how he did his room at "my" house for his little girl so when she came on the weekends he was on the couch.Since then we have Andrea full time and became a great family.I got to pottytrain her,teach her to read, ect ect. Its great :)Matt asked me to marry him on May 2nd 2007.We are doing a family ceramony for Matt,Andrea,and I
My dress is Ivory:
My girls dresses are latte:
My flowers are deep red roses:
I dont know how to put pictures on here....I wish I did because I could use the help.we had everything taken care of but the place we were going to have it....well long story but us taking them to court is going to happen...pretty much everything that a girl hopes doesnt happen happend there. If you are getting married in south jersey please contact me and I'll let you know where not to go :)good luck with everything