Aug 07, 2010

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I can't believe we only have 8 more days to go. This past year has FLOWN by! Since my computer is not letting me upload photos with these entries I will let you know a little bit


Ceremony Songs:


Bridesmaids entrance- piano " The Wedding Song (There is Love)"

Bride entrance-piano "Canon in D"


Unity Candle/ signing of certificate - Norah Jones "Come Away With Me"


"The Wedding March" on piano


Bridal party grand entrance- Black Eyed Peas "I Got A Feeling"

Bride and Groom entrace- Steel Panther "Fantasy" (Fantasy Factory on MTV theme song) Mikes favorite show

Cake Cutting- Jack Johnson "Better Together"

First Dance- Tracy Byrd "Keeper of the Stars"

Father/Daughter- Tim McGraw "My Little Girl"

Mother/Son- T Carter "Mothers Song"




My colors are black, white and purple, pretty simple yet elegant...At first i was going the white rose, orchids and lilly feel but halfway through 2010 I had to get rid of my florist and go with someone else (she had family issues and I was on the backburner) We decided to go with a local florist shop in town and man was that a great choice! Spent 2 hrs with a florist and nailed everything down never once changed my mind, I chose white roses, purple lisianthius, and moonlight carnations ( I think thats what its called) one is a deep purple and the other is more pinky purple...very pretty all together yet different. I was trying to stay away from carnations, sometimes they can be cheep looking but the purple carnations are gorgeous!


I wanted a very classic look for all the guys. I wanted to do all black for the groomsmen but our wedding is in August and didnt need anyone passing out on me! I chose a classic black and white tux for the guys with white shirt,black vest and black tie. The groom will wear black tux, white shirt, white tie and white vest.


Flower Girls

For the flower girls was a tough decision. I decided to go with www.flowergirlprincess.com they were inexpensive and the dresses were perfect. I went with the MB104 a white shantung dress with black sash, has a big flower pin on the front but i think i will take that off, the two girls will have their hair half up, half down with curls and a black bow.



I forgot what brand the bridesmaids dresses are but they are black sweetheart neckline with a band of silver and black beading that goes under the bust around the back. They are very form fitting and look gorgeous on any style girl.


My dress :)

I believe my dress is a House of Wu but a private collection, they say my dress has never once been advertised and I cant even find it online anywhere! I chose my dress because it was modern and very youthful, i was suppose to be married outside so it was light weight for August, turns out we decided to get married in a church, i am still happy I chose mine. The bridal store said they had never had anyone purchase it! You can see my picture in my photos section :)


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I would be more interactive but my lap top wont let me upload photos as I go....thats no fun :(

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After a couple of months tossing up ideas about where we should wed,and since I didn't belong to a church, and I wasn't fond of his, we decided to marry on a beach in either Jamaica or Mexico. That plan fell through so we decided to get married outside in town. After booking our reception hall "The Supervisors Club" which had a cute setting outside for an outdoor wedding, we decided to marry there. A couple months later my parents told me they thought I should try my sisters church that she was married in, in 2005. I called and the Pastor said it was ok! I am finally now getting married at the American Lutheran Church in La Porte City, IA which is roughly about 20 minutes from the reception hall.


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I thought it might be time to try and create my biography. I am not that great at writing so bear with me please :)

First off : How we met

Mike and I met while both working at Lowes about 3 to 4 years ago. I was in customer service and he was in tools and hardware which by coincidence was near where I stood everyday. After I left the store a couple of months later my mom (who works there as well) said Mike has been trying to reach me. I didnt have any missed calls or texts from him so I think he had the wrong number. I then called him a couple days later and asked him to come with me to my sisters birthday party that following Saturday. Now, keep in mind I am not the kind of girl who just asks anybody to come with me to a family event, half the time I wouldnt even ask a girlfriend, let alone a guy! He met me at my apartment and we drove to Cedar Rapids together where her party was being held...we talked the entire time. We just hit it off right from the start, and we have been inseperable ever since.


Mike is also my very first actual boyfriend/relationship...I like to think that me asking him to my sisters party was fate. We were meant to be together. And now were going on 3 years strong, with our wedding right around the corner on August 7th, 2010.