Apr 10, 2010

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Hi ladies!

Please check out the items I have for sale at


Most of the wedding decor has been sold - but a few nice items still available

(Bride Tank, Gray and White heels, BCBG reception dress, etc.)

Selling my stuff photo 1Selling my stuff photo 3


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So the dresses are finally done...almost.They're in the midst of re-beading b/c they used the wrong beads and forgot to do a section.

Wedding gown:

The Final Dress Milly Bridal photo 1The Final Dress Milly Bridal photo 2

The Final Dress Milly Bridal photo 3The Final Dress Milly Bridal photo 4

Reception Dress:

The Final Dress Milly Bridal photo 5The Final Dress Milly Bridal photo 6


Reception dress: I'm happy w/ how the dress looks in the photos. It looks like what I had wanted.

Wedding gown: As an outsider, it looks like a beautiful dress. As the "designer", it's disappointing. So many aspects had to be compromised b/c of their poor time management and lack of awareness to the details (type of beading, placement of beading, placement and sewing of of organza layers.) So much so that I kinda gave up in the end. It's close enough, but not my dream dress. Although most wouldn't notice what's missing, I'll still know.

Rating: 2/5 stars

I know that my friends and family won't care and will think I'm beautiful anyways. :)

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Our wedding colors are moss/edamame green, burnt orange with a base of charcoal gray.

My wedding "theme" is Organic Rustic Elegance with a touch of Modern Vintage (mouthful i know)

I love moss and wanted to have an apothecary teranium with succulents. But then I found out how much those apothecary jars cost...and well, i can't afford them :(

The Floral Details photo 1

My bouquet: i love texture & I've fallen in love with so many things. (Obviously can't have them all in my bouquet but i wish I could!)

Succulents, scabiosa pods, pincushion flowers, hypercurium, white peonies, orange dahlias/ranunculus, cymbidium orchids (orange and green), lady-slipper orchids, fiddlehead ferns, green hydrangea, twig balls

Sola/Balsa wood flowers: So beautiful and eco-friendly

The Floral Details photo 2

The Floral Details photo 3

The Floral Details photo 4 The Floral Details photo 5

The Floral Details photo 6 The Floral Details photo 7



BM bouquets (Mostly Green bouquet): Kermit Button mums, fiddlehead ferns, hypercurium, succulents, green hydrangea, leafy greens, scabiosa pods or billy buttons


Boutonnieres: succulents, fiddlehead ferns, berries, or scabiosa pods or billy balls, etc

The Floral Details photo 8 The Floral Details photo 9

The Floral Details photo 10 The Floral Details photo 11

The Floral Details photo 12 The Floral Details photo 13


I don't know what's going on with me, but as I get older, the more I adore vintage-y/antique-y things.

And I'm in love with old bird cages as centerpieces with flowers overflowing out of them. My idea is to put candles (3) inside and surround it with hydrangeas, succulents, moss and orange flowers with curly willow circling around inside it. No birds -fake or otherwise.

The Floral Details photo 14The Floral Details photo 15  The Floral Details photo 16


Cake topper:

Love the fiddlehead ferns on the cake topper and adore the twig cake stand!

The Floral Details photo 17

I plan on having 4 tier round buttercream cake with a 0.5" burnt orange ribbon at the bottom of each tier. The design pattern we have on our wedding invites will be copied onto the ivory cake in a green. Succulents will be sparingly cascading down the cake. Not sure about the cake toppers yet.



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Hello! Welcome to (what was) my wedding planning craziness :) I am now happily married, as of April 10, 2010!

I have several pages that are "friends only", but please feel free to add me as a friend!

Friends only pages include:

  • Wedding photos and summary :)
  • personal photos (engagement photos, etc)
  • Milly Bridal dress info (timeline, sketches, test dresses, etc)
  • personal info about me and my fiance :)
  • my DIY projects (and tips!)

Thanks! good luck planning your wedding :)

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My Makeup Artists/Hairstylists:

Kansinee A. ( for my bridal Hair & MU
Mina Tran
Cindy (
Kathy (

The Hairdos:

In the Morning: Long, loose curls with my hair down (so that it's easier to wear the Khan Dong - Vietnamese wedding hat).

The Hair and Makeup photo 1 The Hair and Makeup photo 2

The Hair and Makeup photo 3 The Hair and Makeup photo 4

In the Afternoon/Evening: I'll have an updo with loose curls and flowers in my hair

The Hair and Makeup photo 5 The Hair and Makeup photo 6 The Hair and Makeup photo 7 The Hair and Makeup photo 8 

The Hair and Makeup photo 9 The Hair and Makeup photo 10 The Hair and Makeup photo 11

PW inspirations:

The Hair and Makeup photo 12 The Hair and Makeup photo 13

*The left photo is of my friend Jaci's (JDWeddingDay) gorgeous hair for her wedding!
*The right photo is of JamieSue's trial!


Morning makeup: fresh, rosy and light

The Hair and Makeup photo 14The Hair and Makeup photo 15 Source

The Hair and Makeup photo 16The Hair and Makeup photo 17

Evening makeup: darker eyeshadow, more dramatic

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I want colored heels - in green or orange...

Unfortunately, I can't find affordable cute green satin heels ANYWHERE. Please let me know if you're willing to sell! (Size 8 please)  :)

Here are some that I love but they're either discontinued or way too $$$.

Christian Leboutin Heels *love*

The Shoes photo 1

update: I bought the ivory version of this! (Martinez Valero brand) see below


Nordstrom BP Enlightenment - sadly discontinued :(

The Shoes photo 2


Orange heels: (The right one is also a BP Enlightenment)

The Shoes photo 3

Nina - Charcoal Gray heels. I got them on sale at DSW! *yay*

The Shoes photo 4

Badgley Mischka Randalls: If I were to get ivory shoes, then I'd get these babies.They're even prettier in person! It's a 3 7/8" heel though...which is a bit too much for me.

The Shoes photo 5

Martinez Valero: I bought these babies! They're a more affordable version of the Laboutin, but in Ivory...not available in green :-(

The Shoes photo 6