Apr 09, 2011

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We were very luck to find the most amazing vendors! See my reviews page for more information!

All photos by Palos Studio.

All paper products/signage/etc. done by StaceCadetDesigns on Etsy. She did my table numbers, escort cards, invitations, save the dates, programs, and other signage. HIGHLY recommend this vendor! She was amazing to work with, was awesome in helping me bring my vision to life, AND she sells the digital files so you can print the things yourself, which saved us a ton of money! Her prices are beyond reasonable and the quality was perfect. Check her out at

Details Details Details photo 1Details Details Details photo 2Details Details Details photo 3Details Details Details photo 4Details Details Details photo 5Details Details Details photo 6

Details Details Details photo 7Details Details Details photo 8Details Details Details photo 9

All flowers were done by City of Commerce Flowers. I worked with Eddie during the planning process, but ended up finalizing plans with Duke due to Eddie being out sick. When I walked in the reception room, I was blown away by how gorgeous the flowers were and how they were exactly what I wanted!

Details Details Details photo 10

Details Details Details photo 11Details Details Details photo 12Details Details Details photo 13

My other detail shots!

Details Details Details photo 14Details Details Details photo 15Details Details Details photo 16Details Details Details photo 17Details Details Details photo 18Details Details Details photo 19Details Details Details photo 20Details Details Details photo 21

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After so much planning and a long engagement, it was so surreal when our big day finally arrived. Everything was absolutely perfect and it was a day that was a day filled with laughs and love and we will remember it forever.

All photos by Palos Studio

Our Big Day photo 1

Our Big Day photo 2Our Big Day photo 3Our Big Day photo 4Our Big Day photo 5Our Big Day photo 6Our Big Day photo 7Our Big Day photo 8Our Big Day photo 9Our Big Day photo 10Our Big Day photo 11Our Big Day photo 12Our Big Day photo 13Our Big Day photo 14Our Big Day photo 15Our Big Day photo 16Our Big Day photo 17Our Big Day photo 18Our Big Day photo 19



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Flowers Pretty Flowers photo 1Flowers Pretty Flowers photo 2

  Flowers Pretty Flowers photo 3                  Flowers Pretty Flowers photo 4     




            Flowers Pretty Flowers photo 5          Flowers Pretty Flowers photo 6

                           MrsVeroni                                               MrsVeroni

            Flowers Pretty Flowers photo 7

Flowers Pretty Flowers photo 8 My floral mock-up. Needs a lot more hot pink. I will be using half of these and half dark brown urns with the same flowers.

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I haven't decided for sure on my dress yet, but these are some that I love...

Dress Inspiration photo 1Dress Inspiration photo 2Dress Inspiration photo 3

Dress Inspiration photo 4

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I have always loved bright color and pink is my favorite color, so when it came to choosing my wedding colors I knew I wanted hot pink to be my main color. I chose a medium pink and apple green as accent colors and chocolate brown will be my neutral. I would like my bridesmaids to wear hot pink and I want hot pink shoes. Hopefully, I can find some that I love. Why did Nine West have to discontinue Luxious?!

Colors photo 1Colors photo 2Colors photo 3Colors photo 4

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Our ceremony and reception will be at Robinson Ranch in Santa Clarita. We love the rustic elegance of this venue! We will have our ceremony on the terrace overlooking the golf course and the cocktail hour will be on the Fireside Terrace. It's going to be lovely and we can't wait!


The Ceremony And Reception photo 1

                       Robinson Ranch

                                                            The Ceremony And Reception photo 2

                                                                                      Ceremony area


 The Ceremony And Reception photo 3

                    Cocktail hour terrace


                                                                  The Ceremony And Reception photo 4

                                                                               Reception location