May 15, 2010

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                                       Accessories photo 1

Bracelet and earings from Nordstrom by Nadri. 

                             Accessories photo 2 Accessories photo 3




Black satin Christian Louboutins

                                       Accessories photo 4

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Here are a couple of dresses i tried on but they just werent the one. I went to Priscilla of Boston because i knew thats where i wanted my dress from.

 Attire photo 1 Attire photo 2 Attire photo 3

Attire photo 4 Attire photo 5 Attire photo 6

Here is the dress i picked! I love it! I love the sweatheart neck line, and the bow! oh, and it has pockets!!

I dont have a picture of the veil, but it is simimal to this one. Mine has only one row of the silk ribbon right on the edge.

Attire photo 7 Attire photo 8 Attire photo 9

Here is a sneak peak of me in my dress.

                                          Attire photo 10


Maid of Honor and Bridesmaid dress.

                         Attire photo 11 Attire photo 12

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My bouquet will be a mix of white anemones and white peonies, and my bridesmaid will have tulip bouquets.

Bouquets photo 1 Bouquets photo 2 Bouquets photo 3 

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My cake is going to be a 5 tier round cake covered in fondant. It is going to have black ribbon around the tiers and 2 or 3 anemone flowers on the 4th and 2nd tier.

                                                 The Cake photo 1  

Our toasting: I was going to get these by swarovski The Cake photo 2

But now i am going to have these angel flutes by Lalique The Cake photo 3

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After the cocktail hour, everyone will go into the reception area for a sit down dinner and then the dancing will begin!

Center pieces: I will have 3 different style centerpieces with 3 different hieghts. the short one will be tulips, the medium will be all white hydrangaes and the tallest one will be callalilies.

 Reception photo 1Reception photo 2 Reception photo 3

Table: This is how my table will be set up.

Reception photo 4 Reception photo 5

                                            Reception photo 6



The Dinning area will have amber up lighting. The dance area will have a different color uplighting to give it more of a party feel. Im also going to have a gobo shining our monogram (i dont know what it is yet) on the dance floor.

 Reception photo 7