Mar 13, 2010

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After nearly EIGHT MONTHS I FINALLY did a Rock the Dress photo shoot! My husband took some pictures with the new DSLR he bought us and then our wedding photographer took some.  I ended up with over 1200 pictures! It's unreal!! We had SUCH a fabulous time!! If you haven't done one I 100% recommend doing one! Enjoy the photos!

You can view more in my Facebook Album!!

Rock the Dress photo 1 Rock the Dress photo 2 Rock the Dress photo 3   Rock the Dress photo 4 Rock the Dress photo 5  Rock the Dress photo 6  Rock the Dress photo 7 Rock the Dress photo 8 
Rock the Dress photo 9Rock the Dress photo 10 Rock the Dress photo 11 Rock the Dress photo 12  Rock the Dress photo 13  Rock the Dress photo 14Rock the Dress photo 15 Rock the Dress photo 16 medium version Rock the Dress photo 17  original original  Rock the Dress photo 18  Rock the Dress photo 19   Rock the Dress photo 20 Rock the Dress photo 21 Rock the Dress photo 22 Rock the Dress photo 23 Rock the Dress photo 24 Rock the Dress photo 25 Rock the Dress photo 26  Rock the Dress photo 27

Rock the Dress photo 28 Rock the Dress photo 29  Rock the Dress photo 30  Rock the Dress photo 31 Rock the Dress photo 32  Rock the Dress photo 33  Rock the Dress photo 34

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Check her out here.

She has asked me to be her Matron of Honor! YAY!! I can't wait to help her plan! 

Jessica and I at my wedding
JandDW2011 Is my SISTER photo 1 

Doug (Jessica's fiance) and I at my wedding
 JandDW2011 Is my SISTER photo 2
The Happy Couple =)
JandDW2011 Is my SISTER photo 3

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I was BOTW (Bio of the Week) from June 11 - June 17!!!  I was/am so flattered to be considered BOTW and was so overjoyed by this honor!! =) I just HAD to share a screenshot!! I know I know -- BIG AW of me!! =) Oh well!! It made me happy! =)  Congratulations to all the lovely women of PW who have been and who will be BOTW!
BOTW photo 1

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I had LOTS of my DIY stuff left over after the wedding so I put it all in a shadowbox.  I also put a copy of the newspaper article about the wedding that my meemaw (mom's mom) sent me. =) I LOVE it and it makes me smile EVERY time I walk by it! =) In it I have:

Tears of Joy
Invitation and Belly Band
Bubbles (from the ceremony)
Cake Topper
Cake Table Napkins
Matchbook Favor
Wedding Day Hankie
Ring Bag (MOH and BM each carried our wedding bands in one on the Big Day)
Newspaper Announcement

Shadowbox photo 1

I have seen several posts about what to do with the aisle runner once the wedding is all said and done.  I decided to frame mine.  I have no idea how we managed to keep track of this in our travels from Jacksonville back home to Orlando.  On the wedding day, we cut the bottom portion off because it was so windy, the whole aisle runner was being blown away.  We lost our sand ceremony frame in traveling but managed to keep this folded up. lol.  I love it framed!  I spent so much time designing and then painting it I just couldn't bring myself to trash it =)
Shadowbox photo 2

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PRO PICS Group Shots photo 1 PRO PICS Group Shots photo 2 

PRO PICS Group Shots photo 3 PRO PICS Group Shots photo 4

DH and I with our new siblings =)
PRO PICS Group Shots photo 5 

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LadyY sent me a PM right before her wedding day asking for advice, encouragement and P-dub Love.  I remember thinking it's a fabulous thing to do.  So I followed her lead and PM'd a handful of girls that had been married or have been an inspiration to me during my planning.  I asked each for any advice they had to give me just five days before I walked down the aisle.  Here are some responses and words of wisdom I received from the following beautiful and amazing ladies on PW
:: midnyteblue110609, SoonMrs.Pwildfirej29, misshammykristeen, MountainBride, Ghana_Bride ::

*Try your hardest to get everything done at least 3 days before.
*Don't let your family/friends stress you. They WILL do it so if you can get someone else who doesn't take any crap to deal with it.
*Take it all in and know that not everything is going to go perfect or the way you planned. Accept that first thing in the morning and you will be the happiest bride! After that, just enjoy the day.
*Enjoy your friends and family while you're getting ready and then after that it is about you and your new husband.
*Stay with him, dance with him b/c the time goes by so fast and before you know it it is over.
*It is going to be the best day even if things do not go as planned.

*Get enough sleep the night before. It is such a long day.
*Have each of your men check their tuxes.
*Bring a small fan where you're getting ready.
*Bring one of your wedding invitations to be photographed.
*Make sure someone packs up some food for when you leave. You're going to be famished!
*Spend 10 minutes alone with your new husband directly after the ceremony. It's the only time you'll get to be alone before you leave for the night.

*Drink too much champagne before the wedding. Not because you'll get drunk -- because it makes you sleepy.
*Sweat the small stuff. There will always be something that doesn't go as planned.

*SLEEP! Eat healthy, drink lots of water, don't touch your face (break out central), and smile a LOT.
*Don't drink too much wine or eat a lot of pasta at the RD. . .it will make you bloated on the wedding day :) At your reception the next day, eat and drink all you want!
*In the days before, stop all of the projects. Don't micromanage, don't try to get one last thing done. This is a week you will remember FOREVER, and if you spend two days of it stressing about some little thing you are wasting your special time.
*Try not to daydream too much about what the day will be like. . .it won't be like anything you imagine: it will be better.
*On your wedding day, cry with your family and bridesmaids before the ceremony. It's ok. Allow yourself to be emotional.
*Look at yourself in the mirror - take time on your wedding day alone in the room and say 'wow, I'm a bride'. You'll never forget the image of yourself. . .
*Remember that stressing doesn't change anything: don't stress about silly things like weather, people being late, etc. . .because you can't change it. Stress only wastes this time, and this is something you only get to experience once.
*At your ceremony, try to focus. You won't remember much if any of it at all.
*Don't worry about your dress. It's going to get dirty. . .and that is ok. :)
*If you see something you'd like a photo of, speak up! Say, 'hey, can you take a picture of us on that bench?' Otherwise, let your photogs do their thing.
*Stand up straight and smile ALL DAY. You will be in 1000's of photos. . .
*There WILL be something that is decorated differently then you requested/expected. It's probably better, actually! Let it go.
*Before you put your gown on, use the bathroom.
*On your honeymoon, take a journal. You and your husband should have it at all times, reminisce about the wedding, and then WRITE IT DOWN. There is SO much to remember, and things will come back to you that you have already forgotten, or that you didn't realize had happened.
*Enjoy the time you have with your family and friends especially the ones you are close to.
*If you have the chance and can afford to go pamper your self , DO It!!!
*For last minute errands, get your girls to help you if possible. If you have a DOC they can help too.
*Get some rest and sleep the night before. You want to be well rested for the party of your life.
*I know as brides we worry a lot about wanting everything to be PERFECT. Not everything is going to be perfect, but be ready to roll with it.

I found the girls all basically said the same thing: relax, take it all in, it flies by and don't worry about things NOT being EXACTLY perfect.  I took this advice to heart. Some things that happened the day of::
*I forgot some of the decorations for the reception -- no one except FMIL noticed...I hadn't even realized that we didn't have it until she said something.
*The aisle runner wasn't staying down because of the winds we were experiencing.  Everyone was stressing it except me.  I just said to cut off the monogram part and figure out a way to keep that down.  That's what we did, it's all we could do *shrug*
*I wanted the cake table in the center of the dance floor, it was at the back of the dance floor -- oh well =)
*I was SO stressed about the weather -- I wish I wouldn't have monitored it at 10 days out.  THEN I was so worried about it not raining, I didn't take the wind into consideration lol.  DO NOT WORRY about the doesn't matter what it's doing outside - it's still going to be the best day of your life.
*DO NOT FORGET TO SIGN YOUR MARRIAGE LICENSE lol.  I had ours with us in the hotel and didn't realize that it hadn't been signed until well after the reception was over.  I had my MOH and John's BM sign it that night.  Before we left for our honeymoon on Sunday we went to our Officant's house to have him sign and notarize it lol. Also make sure it's filled out correctly -- ie: our officiant forgot to fill out ALL THE INFO so I mailed it off and it had been returned while we were away.  It was SO DISAPPOINTING to open our license only to find out it wasn't complete lol.
At the end of the day, it doesn't matter that your flowers were pink instead of red or that the table setting was all wrong.  No one is going to care or remember for that matter, the MOST IMPORTANT part of your day is the part where you say "I Do"/your vows. Enjoy your day ladies.  It's AMAZINGLY FABULOUS =)