Nov 06, 2010

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Karen took my color idea in my head and turned it into a beautiful masterpiece for me and my girls!Bouquets Huckleberry Karen Designs photo 1Bouquets Huckleberry Karen Designs photo 2Bouquets Huckleberry Karen Designs photo 3

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Favorite Pro Shots photo 1

Jager shots anyone!! This is what happens when the boys are late!! These poor random golfers gave us all their booze!

Favorite Pro Shots photo 2Favorite Pro Shots photo 3Favorite Pro Shots photo 4Favorite Pro Shots photo 5Favorite Pro Shots photo 6

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Pro s of DIYs photo 1Pro s of DIYs photo 2

Table Numbers were titles of our favorite movies. On the back there were are favorite quotes.

Programs, Seating Chart and Invitations were designed and assembled by me (Stella Bella Invites)

Pro s of DIYs photo 3Pro s of DIYs photo 4

Pro s of DIYs photo 5Pro s of DIYs photo 6

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Here is a short recap of all my vendors!

Venue: Half Moon Bay Golf Course/ Mullins Bar and Grill- ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! They went above and beyond what they needed to do! It might be next to the Ritz but it is not as expensive as the Ritz!! The Ritz only owns the small amount of land that it is on, the golf course owns everything else! We got to do our pictures at the famous 18th tee (American Wedding movie was shot at) without the 20,000 dollar price tag!! My full recap is located:

Photographer: Lily Rose Photography- Engagement Pictures were amazing, she and her second shooter were very professional and made sure we stayed on time! I can't wait to see the final pictures!

Florist: Huckleberry Karen Designs- AMAZING! The bouquets were all beautiful and the bouts were perfect! She matched the colors beautifully and everything looked so beautiful! Full Review here:

DJ: DJ Nik- Personally I think he made our wedding! The music was perfect, everything ontime! Our venue said he was the best DJ they have worked with, he was even asking them to get things moving to keep to my OCD timeline :) I have never seen a dance floor so filled with so many dancers. We wish he could have played all night! Completely professional and amazing!

Paper Products: Stella Bella Invites- It is my own business, so I think I did a pretty damn good job! haha. Everything was based off our invite *which isn't the one in the invite page* which I will post in it's own paper product category once I get back the pros!

Makeup- Lauren Lalami- Absolutely amazing! The make up looked amazing on everyone who got it done. She kept to the timeline and did an amazing job!! I couldn't be happier!!

Hair- Jenn Gerhardt- Strands Salon San Mateo- Absolutely amazing too! She gave me exactly what I wanted and it stayed in all night! We did a trial and my hair looked exactly as the trial! I went to her the day before for a wash and blowdry so it would look good for the rehearsal dinner and it wasn't dirty when she did it on Saturday, I definitely recommend doing that!

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Non Pros Randoms photo 1Non Pros Randoms photo 2Non Pros Randoms photo 3Non Pros Randoms photo 4Non Pros Randoms photo 5Non Pros Randoms photo 6Non Pros Randoms photo 7Non Pros Randoms photo 8Non Pros Randoms photo 9

The best part of the golf carts was we could take pictures anywhere along the golf course, so we will have all of these beautiful shots along the ocean bluffs (hopefully!!) I wish someone got a picture of what happened when everyone drove off, instead of driving in a line, everyone was going in and out so it looked like figure eights! I guess thats what you get when they come out with a tray of coors light and champagne before we are off to beach pictures!! You will also notice that only one girl drove... that would be Alex... she is a strong girl and Mark the groomsmen tried to get to drive but she refused!

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Non Pros Reception Details photo 1Non Pros Reception Details photo 2Non Pros Reception Details photo 3Non Pros Reception Details photo 4Non Pros Reception Details photo 5Non Pros Reception Details photo 6Non Pros Reception Details photo 7Non Pros Reception Details photo 8Non Pros Reception Details photo 9