Oct 24, 2009

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                                                                        ENGAGEMENT PICS

Wedding Plans photo 1

Wedding Plans photo 2

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                                                                           VENUE: Villa Del Sol D'oro

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                                   Wedding Plans photo 9

                                                                          THEME AND INSPIRATION

After I was originally inspired by this photo from Vanity Fair on the left, I've been modeling our theme after period piece movies. Most of my ideas are gathered from movies I love like these:

Wedding Plans photo 10Wedding Plans photo 11













Wedding Plans photo 12Wedding Plans photo 13Wedding Plans photo 14

Here's an inspiration board I made incorporating the theme and color palette. It all took months of brainstorming and 2nd guessing but I'm psyched it all seems to be coming together now.

Wedding Plans photo 15

                                                                           Flower color ideas:

Wedding Plans photo 16Wedding Plans photo 17Wedding Plans photo 18

                                                                                   My Gown

by Enzoani

Wedding Plans photo 19Wedding Plans photo 20

Of course it's just in my personality to want to tweak with it somehow so I decided to change the neckline to more of a scalloped sweetheart like Natalie Portman's dress in this pic. I hired a seamstress at first to perform the surgery and after not being impressed with the work I decided to do it myself. Yes - I am CRAAAZY! I don't even know how to work a sewing machine so I did it by hand. Here's how it came out! =)

Wedding Plans photo 21Wedding Plans photo 22Wedding Plans photo 23Wedding Plans photo 24

Wedding Plans photo 25Wedding Plans photo 26

Wedding Plans photo 27Wedding Plans photo 28

I'm a wacko 2 dress-bride

                                                   FOR SALE:

Rivini Gown "Olat." Brand spankin' new. Never altered. Never used. Size 6. Please help me get this lovely frock out of my closet. For more pics/info please e mail: anadabrab @ hotmail dot com

                                              Wedding Plans photo 29



What I really liked about this model’s hair-do is the volume and period piece look that I was wanting to tie in with the old world style.

Wedding Plans photo 30Wedding Plans photo 31                                              Wedding Plans photo 32

I came across these photos of Kristen Stewart. Her up-do is so close to capturing my ideal hairstyle. It’s big, voluminous, and a little messy. It’s also classic, modern, and edgy at the same time.

Wedding Plans photo 33Wedding Plans photo 34Wedding Plans photo 35Wedding Plans photo 36


At first I made this for my hair, but now I'm thinking it looks too 1940s/50s


Wedding Plans photo 37Wedding Plans photo 38



Wedding Plans photo 39Wedding Plans photo 40


So now I'm thinking about wearing something like this instead. I'm liking the idea of colored flowers and a feather

Wedding Plans photo 41



 Bridal Bling

 I thought I’d end up purchasing my jewelry at a department store, but actually found it at Banana Republic of all places at the Forum Shops at Caesars Palace when I was in Vegas over the pastThanksgiving holiday. We were just looking at clothes as I would not expect them to carry formal jewelry, but then this bracelet winked at me from under a glass jewelry case. I also found these earrings there. They have the slightest hint of blue in the center so they’ll double up as my ’something blue.’


Wedding Plans photo 42Wedding Plans photo 43Wedding Plans photo 44Wedding Plans photo 45



                                  The Shoes                         

Wedding Plans photo 46

Wedding Plans photo 47Wedding Plans photo 48




I'm in the process of working with etsy seller Lindsey Ryan after seeing Mrs. Perfume's invitations posted on Weddingbee. I'm excited to see the finished product!

Wedding Plans photo 49




Venue: Villa Del Sol D'oro

Catering: Santa Anita Gardens Catering

Photographer: Jason Q. Tran

Ceremony Music: Fiddlestix

Florist: Kate Baker

Officiant: Father John Kearney

DJ: friend

Pocketfolds: Cards and Pockets

Invitations: Lindsey Ryan Designs

Enzoani Gown: Dorianne Veils















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Wedding Plans photo 52

Wedding Plans photo 53