Oct 04, 2009

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finally got all our prof. pics back! unfortunately some were corrupted and we have to retake them but at least they were formals and that won't be too hard to "recreate". 

hopefully these links will work http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2592819&id=8803264


just a few.....


Professional pics photo 1Professional pics photo 2Professional pics photo 3Professional pics photo 4

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our wedding was the best day of my life bar none! it's been almost seven months now since that day!!! i have all the rest of the pics on facebook, check them out! 




Wedding Day photo 1Wedding Day photo 2Wedding Day photo 3Wedding Day photo 4Wedding Day photo 5matt showing off his dance moves!!!!Wedding Day photo 6that's the whole bridal party in the photobooth

Wedding Day photo 7Matt dropped my ring during our ceremony...it was so funny!!! he picked it up and said "I got it!" haha


Wedding Day photo 8

Wedding Day photo 9Wedding Day photo 10Wedding Day photo 11Wedding Day photo 12Wedding Day photo 13Wedding Day photo 14Wedding Day photo 15Wedding Day photo 16Wedding Day photo 17Wedding Day photo 18Wedding Day photo 19Wedding Day photo 20Wedding Day photo 21Wedding Day photo 22Wedding Day photo 23Wedding Day photo 24Wedding Day photo 25Wedding Day photo 26Wedding Day photo 27

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Pics from my recent bridal shower

Shower photo 1

Shower photo 2

me crying as i read the personalized tote bag with my new last name :)

Shower photo 3

my crazy bow hat...this was an alice in wonderland themed wedding so it was a mad hatter hat underneath all those bows haha

Shower photo 4

my extremely delicious croquembouche....oh gosh, it was such a hit at the shower it was wonderful

Shower photo 5

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we took these a looong time ago with Amanda Picone

Engagement pics photo 1

Engagement pics photo 2

this is a wallet fade on my fiancee's jeans...not a pack of cigarettes like my mom thought haha

Engagement pics photo 3

Engagement pics photo 4

Engagement pics photo 5

Engagement pics photo 6

this one i took myself...never can get a good ring pic though!

Engagement pics photo 7

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My name is Julie and my husband Matt and I are got married on October 4, 2009. can't believe it's over!

The ceremony is at St. Peter the Apostle Church in New Brunswick, NJ and the reception is at Highlawn Pavilion in West Orange.

Hopefully more to come!

our church, St. Peter's

Don t know what to write photo 1

our reception site, Highlawn Pavilion

Don t know what to write photo 2