Nov 14, 2009

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My fiancee and  got engaged on December 4th 2008. It was a Thursday night and i made pot roast for the first time. He sat down and began eating while I was getting drinks and he starts telling me that the roast "taste funny" and that "it doesn't taste good". Fairly annoyed by his comments and insensitivity (I'm just learning how to cook), I tell him to "Shut up... it tastes fine...eat it" Then i go to sit down and I see the ring box sitting open on my plate. He asked me to marry him, I began to laugh and I'm pretty sure I said " your such a dork and yes..." cause I realized that he was trying to make me mad just to make me really happy. He actually chowed down on the roast and loved it, while I got on the phone to call people. He always said that he would do it when I least expected it, and I totally didn't expect it on a Thursday night while my hair was a mess in VS Pink PJ's.new page photo 1