Sep 19, 2009

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Well, I was unsatisfied with the Hazlenut/chocolate color of their dresses and while I previously considered having the MOH dressed in an ivory version of the same dress, many of you disagreed and I didn't like the combination of the chocolate and ivory together with orange floweres. I have since then decided to have all the girls in the ivory dresses with orange accent (oversized flower on shoulder or shawl) to provide definition between the dresses in pictures.

I know that it is not traditional, but I grew tired of searching for another dress and I don't mind being different.

With that said, here is a pic of the BM dress up next to mine, close in shade but not the same, different style (mine is strapless, theirs isnt):

Bridesmaids Revised photo 1

I'll post the ceremony pics to show you guys how I pull it off... take care...19 days to go!!!

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I'm incorporating my favorite color, orange, into all of the plans, even the guys. They are wearing tan suits, white shirts and orange ties (accented with brown belt and shoes). Like this:

Groomsmen photo 1

Groomsmen photo 2

Groomsmen photo 3

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Thank you so much PW ladies, I appreciate all the advise that you gave me about my MOH dress. We have rectified the situation.

Now I have exactly 5 weeks (technically 33 days until the day) and I still have much to do.

My FH and I have been discussing the options for the reception. My original idea was to have the ceremony later in the evening and then we can 'dance the night away' at the reception. He was ok with whatever but only one stipulation-he wants the ceremony to be held in OUR hall where we met and still attend services. The problem with that is that the hall is busy from 6pm on and we have to hold our ceremony between the hours of noon and 4! Since that is the case, the reception venue that I wanted to use is booked until 7pm (of course, at this late date). So our reception venue options are:


1) the clubhouse in his subdivision, with kid playground (holds about 75-100 $300 + dep)

2) nearby school cafeterias with kid playground (can hold 200 or more for $400-$500)


3) a fully decorated venue w/out kid playground (holds 130-140 for $1,000).

So I will have to either cut my guest list or negotiate with the schools more. I'm leaning towards the latter because:

The guest list stands at 229 now with kids (non-confirmed, of course). But I don't feel right asking people to 1) come to the wedding and not the reception AND 2) asking for gifts but not inviting them to the reception.

So, I'm still working on it...

Til next time...



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This is the dress that I am totally in love with. The story to follow... Thank you PW member for the pics of you in the dress. I will post my own shortly.

My dress photo 1My dress photo 2


This is the Maggie Sottero Rhianna Royale in Champagne/Light Gold.

This close up shows the coloring a little better.

My dress photo 3

This is why I'm not sure if the MOH dress will work. I may just have to do the Hazlenut dress with a different colored shawl. PW community please advise your thoughts...


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I have been in a couple of weddings and was always disappointed with the money that you shell out for a dress that your probably will never wear again. So I resolved to not make my bridesmaids do that. The wedding colors are champagne, orange and chocolate. I originally wanted my girls to wear orange dresses but couldn't find one reasonably priced that could be ordered in time for the wedding (Planning only really started in June.)

After an exhaustive search, I initially spotted this cute number from Sears for ($60, shown here in Stone):

Bridesmaids photo 1

I thought that this would be too light for my dress as my dress is champagne (pics to follow). But I loved the design of the dress. As I continued my search I found the SAME dress at Macy's ($90) and JcPenney ($50). Macy's and JcPenney also carried the dress in different colors. So I chose the one at JcPenney:

Bridesmaids photo 2

I'm still baffled that this dress is exactly the same as the one at Macy's and Sears, just has a different label on it! Anywho, my brides maids will be wearing this one in hazlenut (pictured above).

But I am still at odds on whether or not my matron of honor will wear the other dress in the stone color from sears. I'm not sure. What do you think??

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After we dated for a few months, we knew we wanted to get married. We looked at rings for awhile because I told him that I wanted something different than the normal solitaire setting, with multiple diamonds. An antique, some estate jewelry, something slightly colored, etc. I showed him a few pictures of what I had in mind and he came across one at Jared in Atlanta that he begged me to go and see. He took me in the store and showed me this ring that is very similar to what I wanted: multiple diamonds, antique setting, white gold. (He actually paid attention to what I wanted. :-D) It is an anniversary band and will be paired with a similar band for the set.

Here is a pic.

 The Proposal photo 1

He held onto the ring for months before he proposed. (He says he to wanted everything to be perfect.) But I kept wondering what was taking him so long... The day that he proposed, he said that he had a surprise for me. I assumed that that was what he was referring to but since I am so nosy, he kept me guessing every step of the way.

I figured out that he had planned a picnic for my daughter and I at Acworth Beach, I just didn't know ALL the details. He put everything together in a nice little bag and came and picked us up. He knocked on the door with a beautiful bouquet of orange roses, daisies and carnations (orange is my favorite color.) I was already very pleasantly surprised.

He told me that we weren't going too far and later had to give up some of the details because he needed directions. (LOL) It was still a little chilly outside, so I brought a blanket to wrap up in. He spread out the picnic blanket near a tree with a great view of the water and then began to uncover the "spread". He made his 'infamous ultimate sandwich' (that he's been raving about since forever), brought me a salad (since i love them so much), brought fruit, candied almonds, juice (for my daughter) and wine (for us). Everything was delicious.

After we ate, we all lay down on the blanket and just talked, looked at the clouds, planes, etc. (I even think i took a little mini nap). My daughter is 7yo so she was quickly bored with that and left shortly thereafter to go to the playground. He and I just sat there and continued to talk and cuddle. I kept thinking to myself that this would be a perfect time for him to propose, but he just sat there and kept on talking :-?.

At some point, he "forgot" to do something to the truck and said he would be right back. When he returned, he sat back down beside me on the blanket for a while longer. At this point, I'm like 'what the f-edora' is this guy doing?? So as we continued talking, I resolved in my mind that this wasn't the time and that I would have to keep waiting.

Not too long after that, he was trying to fix something that had gone wrong with the blanket. I was still lying down watching the people and the other 'goings-on' of the lake. He asked for my assistance and when I turned around to help, he was there down on his knees, with the ring in his hand and asked me to marry him. My first reaction was uncontrollable laughter (because not even 30 mins ago, i had wrote him off). Between my chuckles, I replied, "yes". After I explained why I burst out in laughter and then we both laughed. He called my daughter over and asked her for my hand in marriage, her answer was an emphatic "Uh huh, uh huh, uh huh" as she nodded her head in agreement!

And the rest, they say, is history . . .