Jun 07, 2013

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Maybe...maybe not. These might work...

I will make them purdy with a brooch on top and "I do" on the bottom.


The Shoes Maybe photo 1



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Last fall, I had the bright idea of saying "Let's go get a kitten!" On the way to the shelter, I said we should get two (joking of course). My rationale was that if we only had one, it would be lonely while we were at work, and it would be good to just get two right from the start. At the shelter, we came across three grey and white kittens, two longhair (I wanted a longhaired cat) and one short hair. It was our turn to go into the socialization room and there was a little old lady was so sad they were going into our room because she was wanting the short haired one so we let her socialize with her ....In the room, the worker said that if we only wanted one, we should get Bubbles because Tink is timid and does not like to be alone. I new then that we had to get two and said "she is going to be alone beause the lady is going to adopt the other one!" So we ended up with two kittens!

Here are the babies

Bubbles                                                         Tink

The Furbaba cakes photo 1The Furbaba cakes photo 2

The Furbaba cakes photo 3

sleeping on our bed. if the masters are nice, they get to sleep with us too!


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I found this photo in a magazine at least 13 years ago and knew it would be my wedding hair style. I have my color copy someplace safe and was lucky to find this online!

The Hair photo 1





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I love the look of Lenox Opal Innocence. It is a little more than what I want to spend on these items, but I will add them to my bridal registry and hope for the best!

The Accessories photo 1The Accessories photo 2


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Eat cake!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I want a white cake with raspberry filling and a light buttercream icing. I love the way round cakes look with swirly swirls, but the fancy one is so gorgeous!

My Cake inspirations:



The Cake photo 1The Cake photo 2

The Cake photo 3The Cake photo 4The Cake photo 5

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Brown is the new black!

The Men photo 1