Jun 27, 2009

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From the start, my FI and I wanted our ceremony to be elegant, yet simple.  My FI's best friend Harold used to own a flower shop, and Harold offered to do ALL the flowers -- my bouquet, the boutonnieres, the bridesmaids bouquets, the flowers and the ends of the pews, and in the reception area.  Everything was done in blue and white:


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Ever since I was a very little girl my favorite color has always been blue so I instantly knew what color to work around.  My colors were midnight blue, silver, and white. 


Renaissance Satin SwatchMatte Satin by the 1/2 yardDuchess Satin Swatch


I gave each of the women who stood up with me a piece of midnight blue cardstock and asked them to find a dress that they each liked.  I did not put any limits on just had to be midnight blue.  This is what each of the ladies came up with:


 (Note: the woman on the far left had a stroke about 3 years ago, and everyone was wondering if she'd be able to stay in sync with the other two....she did a great job!)

We asked each of the groomsmen to wear gray suits with blue ties (my FI would be wearing a blue suit and a blue tie):



My quandry was what to do about a bouquet.  Blue flowers???  Yes!

Blue hydrangea with white baby roses!!  Behind my bouquet is my "something borrowed" which is my MIL's (deceased) hankie, and the "something old" seen dangling from the bottom is my mothers' (deceased) wedding band.

 Our DIY program:




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We had only dated a few weeks when Jim started to fall for me.  He fell in love with me before I recognized my feelings for him.  One night after he left my place to go back to his place, he called me and said "I think it's safe to say that I've completely fallen in love with you."  He completely took me back and I was speechless.  He then said, "and I'm well aware that you are not saying anything back."  He gave me room to let our relationship grow at a pace we were both comfortable with.  Within the next few weeks he started dropping lines like "when we get married . . . ." so I knew he was going to propose, I just didn't know how or when.

One night he and I took his sister out to dinner, and afterward he came back to my place.  During the course of the conversation, the line of "when we get married" came up again.  He said "I notice you're not laughing at me when I say that anymore."  I told him if he were to ask me to marry him there was a very good chance that I would say "yes."  He didn't waste any more time and asked me to marry him and I said yes.

However, to this day . . . and I do not know why . . . he tells everyone that I asked him to marry me!!

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Jim and I were both invited, separately, by mutual friends, to attend a Valentine's Day open house.  When I arrived, a mutual friend of mine came running out of the house to greet me as I was walking up the driveway.  He told me the first three guys on the right as I walk through the door were all single!  As I went through the door, I casually glanced at the three guys, but kept walking by.  I went to another room where a lot of people were gathered and I was going to just stay in there.  But then I remembered that I went there specifically to "shop" for a future husband, so I went back to talk to the three guys.  One was very obnoxious, one wouldn't even make eye contact or talk, and then there was Jim.  He and I struck up a conversation, and as the guests began to arrive, we were getting separated from each other.  We tried talking in the hall, in the kitchen, then finally found a place in the living room.  His buddies kept trying to get him to go back to the buffet table, but he stayed right there with me.  The open house was from 1:00 to 4:00, and Jim and I stayed with each other the whole time just talking about everything!  Jim went there mostly as a courtesy to his friend.  He had aready decided that he was never going to marry again and had given up.  Then, he met me . . . .

He asked me for my phone number as I was leaving.  I decided that either I wasn't going to hear from him or it would be the following Thursday.  Sure enough, when I got home from work the following Thursday, I had a message from him asking me out on our first date.

Starting a serious relationship was difficult for me, because as you can see, I'm an "older" lady (53 when we met).  I had been single all my life, and was quite independent.  To make things a little more interesting, Jim is 20 years older than I am, so there were a lot of things to, interests, money, what others would think, etc.  After a few weeks, I came to realize that none of these things really mattered that much, because by this time I was able to see that he had a heart of gold and was intent on treating me like a princess.  And he has to this day.