Jun 26, 2008

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Here he is in traditional Irish regalia marching in the local Memorial Day Parade. He plays bagpipes and the bass drum. I think he looks adorable!


My Irish by marriage husband photo 1

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We had our honeymoon at the Sandals Halcyon Resort in St. Lucia. It is a smaller resort compared to most of the other Sandals locations but we really wanted some peace and quiet.  It was really beautiful and the service is top notch.

St Lucia Honeymoon Photos photo 1

This is the cabana where we napped every day between 3pm and 5pm. You can see the beach from here and watch the sunset. Very romantic and very relaxing.


St Lucia Honeymoon Photos photo 2This cat came around to visit people in the cabanas to get treats and also take naps. There was a whole litter that roamed the resort and it was fun to entertain them during our visit.


St Lucia Honeymoon Photos photo 3It was Christmastime when we finally got to go on our honeymoon and the resort was nicely decorated for the season.


St Lucia Honeymoon Photos photo 4This is a photo from the Grande St. Lucian which was another resort on the island that we visited. Sandals will shuttle you around to the various resorts for free.


St Lucia Honeymoon Photos photo 5A beautiful sunset in St. Lucia. Wish I was there right now!


St Lucia Honeymoon Photos photo 6Here's a photo of the cottage room we stayed in. We ate breakfast on the balcony every morning.

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Some photos from our stay in Las Vegas before and after the wedding. It was ridiculously hot but it's true what they say about a "dry" heat. It was pretty bearable, especially when you're relaxing poolside!


Las Vegas Wedding Photos photo 1

This is the lobby of the Bellagio showing the Dale Chihuly glass installation. It's really spectacular and should you visit, a must see in person.


Las Vegas Wedding Photos photo 2 This is the Stratosphere Hotel & Casino - we visited the observation tower where you have a 360 degree view of Las Vegas and it's surroundings. They have rides also, which some of us were daring enough to try (not me though).


One of our group activities was indoor skydiving, which was the most fun ever without actually jumping out of a plane! If you have enough people (we had 6) you can reserve a private session. They record the whole thing and give you a DVD of it. Very funny! We are still talking about one year later! Here's the link to their website:


Las Vegas Wedding Photos photo 3

This is a photo of the Fashion Mall, which is caddy corner to the Wynn Hotel and Treasure Island. Great place to get cheap eats and do some last minute shopping should you have forgotten to pack something.  It looks like a giant spaceship getting ready to lift off!

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Listing more items for sale that got packed up during the move and now have just been unearthed now that we are getting settled.

Bridal combs

More Stuff for Sale photo 1These are beautiful combs from Carolee. I ended up not wearing anything in my hair so these are still in the original box and never used. Each comb is about 2 inches wide at the top part and 2 1/2 inches long. The photo doesn't do them justice, the pearls look real and the crystal work is very delicate. I'd sell the pair for $20 plus shipping to your location via the US postal service. These would be perfect if you had an updo hair style or a side sweep (use just one comb).


Judith Jack Heart Locket Necklace

For those of you who love hearts or who need a really nice maid of honor gift, this might be right for you. This is a nice piece, and Judith Jack is really good quality. This piece is sterling silver marcasite. Will sell for $70 plus shipping to your location via US postal service.


More Stuff for Sale photo 2


Carolee Pearl Necklace and Earrings Set

Bought this for my sister to wear at the wedding but then found something she would like better so still have this laying around. It's from Carolee and has pearls with oval crystal inserts with matching earrings. Will sell for $35 plus shipping to your location via US postal service.

More Stuff for Sale photo 3

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Okay I went a little crazy buying lots of stuff I never ended up using because I had to match everything in the ensemble without swatches or trying things on together because I had a super-rush wedding (six months from engagement ring to actual wedding date). So here is all the stuff that I need to sell, none of it was ever used in the actual wedding and is still in the original packaging except where noted. Please send me a PM and I will respond to you with any questions you may about the items. Hopefully some PW brides-to-be will be able to get something they like and save money at the same time!

Tiaras and Hair Pins

Jena Richards tiara comb (Beatrice) originally purchased for $24.00 plus s/h selling for $10.00 plus shipping to your location. These Jena Richards tiara combs are beautiful and the low price seems really deceptive because the quality is excellent and comparable to combs I tried in the bridal shop listed for close to $200 that weren't even as well-made. The Beatrice comb is 3 and 1/4 inch wide and 1 and 3/4 inches high. It's fairly comfortable and not too heavy. Seriously I highly recommend Jena Richards products, I used two brooches in my wedding on my dress (one at the bust and one at the drop waist and they were gorgeous and I wear them all the time on my coats and other outfits). This would be nice for a prom or a quinceanera as well because it is not full-size.

Wedding Items For Sale photo 1

Wedding Items For Sale photo 2



Swarovski flower hair pin - originally purchased for $62.95 plus s/h selling for $30 plus shipping to your location. The flower is 2 and 1/4 inches in diameter. This hair pin is kind of heavy so I would recommend it only for an up-do hairstyle with a bun that is supported by bobby pins, etc. This would be really nice for a beach wedding or tropical theme wedding.

Wedding Items For Sale photo 3

Veils and Wraps/Shrugs

Champagne colored lace bolero jacket/shrug with crystals (custom made) - size 14. This is a really pretty jacket that didn't arrive until after the wedding, fortunately I already selected a Betsey Johnson jacket that matched better anyway because this is a true champagne color and my dress was more a gold color. I paid $69 plus s/h for this custom-made item which I'm selling for $35.00 plus shipping to your location. The company that made this item is now out of business so I couldn't return it even though it didn't get delivered until after the wedding date! This is a photo of the back so you can see the lace details. There are no buttons or closures in the front. This is not in the original packaging but was never worn. I added a photo of the front vs. a white background to show the true color difference between white and champagne.

Here are the measurements:

From shoulder seam to shoulder seam - 17 inches

From shoulder to sleeve cuff - 16 inches

Width from armpit to armpit - 22 inches

Length - 14 inches

back view                                                                front view

Wedding Items For Sale photo 4Wedding Items For Sale photo 5




Caroline Amato wrap in sheer polyester blend in light gold shimmer (NO PHOTO) - originally purchased for $44.95 this is a really nice sparkly and sheer wrap that measures approximately 80 inches long by 28 inches wide. This is really a light gold color (not beige or champagne) but I don't have a photo because it's in the original packaging. It didn't arrive until after the wedding date because I didn't place the order in time! That's why I have so many back-up plans.............. I'm selling this wrap for $20 plus shipping to your location. It really is a light gold color although not a tacky kind of gold because of the sheerness and shimmer. It could probably be used for other formal occasions as well especially if you favor gold jewelry or accessories but I don't have too many formal occasions to make it worth keeping for myself.




Wedding Items For Sale photo 6Wedding Items For Sale photo 7

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My Inner Bride photo 1


I wish I was this thin!