Jan 14, 2006

DNT Elite Events
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I have talked to many of my married friends and when I asked about their wedding coordinators, most say that even though the coordinator took care of a lot of the details, they had wished they could have had more input on some of the details to make that wedding day what they imagined. You and your team were so open-minded and accommodating that we loved the fact that we could customize our special day instead of having another cookie cutter wedding. With that being said, I wanted to thank you very much for making our wedding so perfect! You have surpassed our expectations of what our wedding experience would be like. I cant imagine how we could have a wedding without you and your team to take care of the big as well as the many little details involved in planning for our special day! Every detail was thought through and taken care of You were always accessible by phone for questions and everything ran so smoothly. I felt as though not one thing could be changed to make it any better. Your team was on top of everything from days before the wedding until the last guest walked out the doors. Our guests continue to compliment us on how smoothly the festivities of the wedding ran. If there is anyone who is in need of a very accommodating, personal, and professional team of coordinators, just send them to me and I can show them how special you made our wedding day. I must commend you and your team on how prepared and flexible you were on the big day. Even though our wedding was set to take place outdoors, it somehow managed to rain that afternoon and you had contingency plans worked out to make everything run smoothly. As a Project Manager, I must say I was very impressed and have never seen a team work together so perfectly as one! I would love to have your teamwork with me on some of my projects! =) To this day, Keiko and I cannot stop talking about how perfect everything was. Thanks again for everything, DNT!
Services used: Wedding Planning