May 27, 2011

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My Perfect Easy DIY Mexican Themed Engagement Party - March 6, 2010

My mom and Luis held a beautiful engagement party for us outside in one of their friend's home along side fruit trees. The lucky date that we choose ended up being one of the rainest days of the year; luckily no one got wet.

This engagement party was a true team effort.

Charlie and I hand made the papel picados (Mexican Paper Banners) out of tissue paper that we bought for a dollar at the Dollar tree. I made tons of paper flowers as the centerpeices held in bottles that my dad got for free. This is really easy to make as long as you have the patience to do it.

My best friend made the table runners to give some bright festive color to the place.

My mom rented chairs and tables and hired a Taco DJ. Which I was incrediably skeptical by at first but it was the best thing; amazing food and good music (my dad made 4 cds of good music). She also bought a cake for us and made us a cute cake topper for it with Ariel and Eric.

My dad made two kinds of Sangria, a white and a red. He is a chef so he also made the vegitarian entre since the Taco DJ did not comply with that. He also purchased the tablecloths.

My best friend luckily also had a 20 X10 tent and a 10X10 canopy, my mom had a 12X12 canopy and we put a tarp over the gazebo area to keep everyone safe from the rain.

At the entrance where everyone came in, I had a small display. I picked the most recent and best picture of us and blew it up to a large side and framed it and out it on display. Along with, a large bowl of Mexican Wedding cookies (I bought 4 boxes from the 99 Cents Store, the bowl was a Dollartree purchase) and a photo album of various pictures of Charlie and I through our years. We have almost been together for 6 years so we had quite a few in there. People really enjoyed going through it.

The lights were already there but it added romanticism.

The Cake

My DIY Mexican Themed Engagement Party photo 1

The overview fo venue with paper banners, lights, etc...

My DIY Mexican Themed Engagement Party photo 2My DIY Mexican Themed Engagement Party photo 3

My DIY Mexican Themed Engagement Party photo 4My DIY Mexican Themed Engagement Party photo 5

My DIY Mexican Themed Engagement Party photo 6

The Display

My DIY Mexican Themed Engagement Party photo 7

Two of the paper banners up close (Out of 8) - We had several that featured our names and wedding date which were a favorite amoung everyone. We made Lovebirds, our names and wedding date with lovebirds, our names with wedding date, the love heart with engagement ring inside heart (shown below), a sun, etc.

My DIY Mexican Themed Engagement Party photo 8

The vases with paper flowers on top of the table runners (before the fabric was cut into runners)

My DIY Mexican Themed Engagement Party photo 9

Please let me know if you have any questions on anything! It was super easy to do and super cheap!

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My fiance, Charlie and I have been together for over 5 years. We met at UCSB when we pledged together in the co-ed business fraternity, AKPsi. We began as friends and then just became closer until it became the relationship it is now.

The Proposal

(Some Background) He had bought me a promise ring years ago and last October, I stupidly fell and lost one of the tiny diamonds on it. It is a band with about 10 little diamonds on it. We had been planning a trip for Hawaii in June and if anyone would have asked me, I would have bet my entire paycheck that he was going to propose to me in Hawaii when we went because his whole family and some of our friends were coming along.

(The week of)At the begining of the week in May, Charlie said that he had some money left over and wanted to replace the diamond in my ring and get it shined. I obliged thinking nothing of it.

Friday: I had gotten off work late and immediately came home and changed into comfy shorts and t-shirt and started playing Wii Fit. It was surprisingly clean in the apartment and when I brought this up, he said he didn't want to clean on Saturday (our normal weekly clean day) and that I was supposed to clean the bathroom and bedroom since he did the kitchen and living room. He was also cooking spaghetti. When I had paused Wii fiit, he said, oh I got your ring back, close your eyes and hold out your hands. So I did and he slipped the ring on the my left ring-finger and I opened my eyes and he was on one knee and asked me to marry him! :)

We then went out to dinner at Bouna Sera, he just made the spaghetti as a decoy so that I wouldn't suspect anything and be totally surprised which I totally was! :)

Wedding Details

So far, I know it is happening in PV at the Pointe Vicente Interpretive Center on May 27, 2011. I won't change my date because I want to be married on our dating anniversary. I'm Catholic so it will either be at St. Lawrence!