May 17, 2008

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My brother, who is an inspiring photographer, took our engagement pictures.  We went to a local park and then went to the Palace of Fine Arts.

E Pics photo 1


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Right after the wedding,we headed to Tahiti.  We spent 3 days in Moorea and 4 days in Bora Bora.  It was a dream vacation and we had a blast.


View from our Moorea overwater bungalow

Honeymoon photo 1

Honeymoon photo 2


Honeymoon photo 3

View from our Bora Bora overwater bungalow

Honeymoon photo 4

DH playing in the water

Honeymoon photo 5



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My wedding day was amazing!!!  I would never forget it and would do it all over again if I could.

My husband and I are expecting our little girl in September and am so excited!!

I now work as a makeup artist and totally enjoy my work.  Check out my webiste, Exquisite Faces.

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Our rehearsal went really.  Luckily there was a new church coordinator and she turned out to be so nice and sweet.  She was very organized and thorough. 

For dinner, we rented out a cute little Thai restaurant in downtown Livermore, Star Anise.  The food was delicious and everyone had a great time.

Rehearsal Dinner photo 1

Rehearsal Dinner photo 2

Rehearsal Dinner photo 3

I cried more during the rehearsal than the actual ceremony.

Rehearsal Dinner photo 4

Rehearsal Dinner photo 5

Rehearsal Dinner photo 6

Some of my BMs with their present from us.

Rehearsal Dinner photo 7

My cousins from Germany.


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My BMs and my mom threw me a lovely party.  Lots of fun and lots of fun :)

Bridal Shower photo 1

Cookie bouquet my MOH gave us.

Bridal Shower photo 2

Towel cake made by my MIL

Bridal Shower photo 3

All the Vietnamese food made by my mom.

Bridal Shower photo 4

Toilet paper wedding dress.  The ladies had so much fun being creative.

Bridal Shower photo 5

The winning team.

Bridal Shower photo 6

All of my presents :)

Bridal Shower photo 7

My aunt made my cake.  She is also making the wedding cake. 


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Well, we didn't take the pictures the day after, of course.  It was more like "2 month after photo session".  I enjoyed every minute of the photo shoot, especially geting to wear my dress again. Enjoy!

Day After Photo Session photo 1

Day After Photo Session photo 2

Day After Photo Session photo 3

Day After Photo Session photo 4