Apr 30, 2011

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Over my nice, long weekend off work I decided to try and get an easy wedding DIY project completed! I purchased all of my supplies needed for this project as each item went on sale, or whenever I had a 50% off coupon at Hobby Lobby, and Michael's. I could have purchased the larger canvas totes, but honestly I'm not planning on giving any large gifts, everything I give should fit nicely inside these small purse sized totes. The freezer paper I just bought at my grocery store. I was able to make a small personalized canvas tote for each Bridesmaid and Jr. Bridesmaid (7 total), with two bags leftover, and I spent about $10 on this super easy project!


DIY Personalized Bridesmaid Tote photo 1


All items needed:


  • Iron (not pictured above)


  • Any type of paint brush (I used a foam brush)


  • Exacto Knife


  • Freezer Paper


  • Cutting board (I had a flexible cutting mat)


  • Tape (optional)


  • Fabric Paint


  • Name/Initial printed in a large font/dark ink (I chose Monotype Corsiva)


  • Canvas tote bag(s)


DIY Personalized Bridesmaid Tote photo 2


With your exacto knife, freezer paper wax side down, trace out the letter (through both papers). This is the most time consuming part, but doesn't really take that long. Tracing the letter can be more difficult than it seems especially if you're a perfectionist like myself! I think I stuck with a fairly easy font to trace though.


DIY Personalized Bridesmaid Tote photo 3


After it's traced you'll have a stencil on the freezer paper. I used tape to secure the sides of the freezer paper so it wouldn't move when I ironed it on to the canvas tote. Tape is not necessary but it helped me, and I also used it when tracing the stencil. I used one of my older "craft project" irons which did the job. Just iron on the freezer paper wax side down on to your canvas tote, it will stick to the tote.


DIY Personalized Bridesmaid Tote photo 4


Next, you can start painting inside the ironed on stencil.


DIY Personalized Bridesmaid Tote photo 5


Here they are drying! I gave it a good 4-5 hours to dry. I actually have one more tote to do...


DIY Personalized Bridesmaid Tote photo 6


After the totes are completely dried, peel off the wax paper slowly... this is the fun part! You should have nice, clean lines, and it should come off pretty easy. I did have some wax paper residue on some of them that I just scratched off with my finger nail.


Just for fun...I already had some white ribbon around the house, and some raffia so I thought adding some cute bows to the handles would be a nice touch! I may substitute the raffia for burlap if I have any extra from cutting my table runners, but I think the raffia looks cute. I plan to put the bridesmaids' gifts in these totes with some beige or white tissue paper, and of course all of these colors match our wedding colors/theme! While I could have just put their gifts inside a regular gift bag, I wanted to add a little personalized touch to these, and they can also use them again. I hope they love them! :)
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I hope all of you have a wonderful Christmas! Daniel and I spent time with our families on Christmas Eve and Christmas. I was very fortunate to have a nice, long weekend off work! It was wonderful being able to spend time with some out of town friends, bake, and sleep in! I hope this year brought many special Christmas memories for you and yours...
Our last engaged Christmas photo 1 
Our Christmas Card we sent this year. We used one of our beach engagement pictures!
Our last engaged Christmas photo 2 
Daniel's work Christmas Party
Our last engaged Christmas photo 3 
At our friends Annual Christmas party
Our last engaged Christmas photo 4 
My yorkie-poo, Kelsey and I baking cookies in our matching aprons!

Looking forward to being a Newlywed this time next year! :)
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Cake Tasting photo 1
Here's our cake inspiration, except ours will be three tiers with no flower. A silver "B" monogram topper would be nice too. I want a very simple, affordable, and no fuss cake!


This weekend I went by myself to Satellite Beach to take care of a few wedding tasks. I made an appointment to meet with my on-site coordinator to go over a few things and revise our contract a little. Our day of coordinator was supossed to come with me, but she got in a car accident on here way there. The roads were very slick and I drove in really bad rain so I felt so bad for her when I got the call... major bummer, but so glad she is ok! I had my monogrammed tote bag with my wedding binder inside! The coordinator looked a little shocked when I took it out. She said I'm the most organized bride-to-be she's ever met and that it's great that we know what we want. I think that's a huge compliment! :) I didn't bring my camera but the reception room was set up for a Christmas party so it was nice to see the carving station, buffet tables, and round tables, chairs all set out. It gave me a glimpse of what it would be set up like for our wedding.


After the appointment, I went to a hair salon to get a price quote for me and my girls the morning of the wedding. The salon is right by our venue and close to the hotel we'll be getting ready at which is great. I'm still undecided about them though. I feel like I need to do more research before making a final decision, but I spoke with the manager, got a little tour of their salon, and some pricing info. I also went into the Melbourne Beach area to check out the Hilton Melbourne Beach Oceanfront Hotel to check out their Jr. Suite for our wedding night and their standard rooms for our guests. Since it was Sunday and I just popped in they couldn't help me with getting a room block, but I'll be getting more info. this coming week. I did ask to get a mini tour of the rooms I was interested in seeing and I fell in love with the Jr. Suite! The hotel has everything we wanted, close to our venue, nice rooms, affordable, nice pool area, restaurant and two bars, beach view's, etc. I definitely think we'll choose them if all goes well.


Finally, my last stop was at Publix (a grocery store) where I picked up some cake samples from their bakery. I spoke with the bakery manager over the phone last week asking if they offer cake samples and she said yes, so I thought it would work out perfect to get it taken care of while I was in the area. I brought the cake home for Daniel and I, so after dinner tonight we had a nice cake tasting!


Cake Tasting photo 2


We tasted Vanilla cake, raspberry filling w/ buttercream frosting, the same w/ cream cheese frosting. We want the top tier to be carrot cake which is Daniel and I's favorite cake, and the second and bottom tiers will be vanilla cake, raspberry filling w/ cream cheese frosting. We also plan to have a half sheet cake in the back to be cut up so it's more cost friendly. We do hear that the cream cheese frosting doesn't hold up too well on wedding cakes so we have to make a decision if we want it anyway or just to stick with buttercream.

We're not big on cake so we knew we didn't want to spend a lot in this area. I was able to get our cake (with a $20 coupon) for $260! Daniel's not big on a grooms cake so we may forgo having one for him, but if we decide to do one the cake decorator said she could do a surfboard at a reasonable price. I think it'd also be fun, and special to make one for him, but I'm not sure if I want to take that on a day before the wedding...

Cake Tasting photo 3



Cake Tasting photo 4
Kelesy had to have a little taste too :)


Cake Tasting photo 5

We still have so much leftover! We're going to ask our families if they want it before we toss it.


It was a very productive weekend and I really enjoyed going out to the beach on my own and getting some of these things checked off our list! :)


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When I wash my dishes or hands at home I like to put my engagement ring in my fish shaped ring dish by my kitchen sink! I scooped this up at a Cracker Barrel store a few months back for only $3.99! I love it!
Ring Holder photo 1
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Before getting engaged I enjoyed browsing through my local newspapers Engagement Announcement section. I loved reading through different couples stories, and seeing their pictures. If there was a link to their wedding website, you 'betcha I was on there too! I would get excited thinking, "this could be me soon!" and I did not hesitate to ask my mom to get our announcement posted in the paper after we got engaged. Our announcement was posted on my favorite (and most romantic) day of the year, Valentine's Day! It was so fun having local friends and family find it in their paper or online and save it for us, or mention that they saw it!
Wedding Website photo 1  
Another thing I was anxious to get up and started was our wedding website! I knew I wanted a site that friends and family, even aquaintences could come to if they wanted to find out any information regarding our wedding. First, there are so many wedding websites made available to newly engaged couples. It was very hard narrowing down our choices, but being on a budget I knew we had to choose something that was free for us to use. We chose because it was free, and offered many links that I thought our guests would find useful. I also wanted a beachy style template, and something that was easy to use and we were able to get all of that and then some using this website. 
After choosing a fun template that matched our wedding theme we got to work and took turns filling out information. We had our wedding website started within a week after getting engaged, and other important details were filled added in as we went through the planning process. We were able to include the story of how we met from both points of view, our proposal story, share where our guests could find our engagement announcement online, wedding events with dates and times, local attractions, what to wear & weather info., and I also wanted to share an interactive, and easy to use map that I was able to upload for free using There were other fun things too like photo galleries, honeymoon info., access to our registries, back ground music such as Bob Marley's "Is This Love" and Jack Johnson's "Better Together", and our online guest book. 
I included a link to our wedding website on the back of our postcard Save the Dates. I hope our guests find our wedding website useful, enjoy visiting and staying informed throughout our engagement up until our wedding day.
Did you use a wedding website? Did your guests go to it and find it helpful?
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My life is hectic these days... full time work, full time school, and what seems like full-time wedding planning. I have a major need for staying organized at all times, and when I'm not I start to feel very anxious.


When I first got engaged I knew I needed to make my own binder to keep all of my vendor contracts, information, ideas, registry print-outs, budget info., honeymoon info., and business cards in. I used an old 3-ring binder I had already, went to Office Max and got some sharpie pens (highly recommend!), and an Avery binder divider pack. I also downloaded these wonderful templates from Russell and Hazel! It's nothing fancy, but it works for keeping the fiance and I organized during our wedding planning.


Staying Organized photo 1

I splurged a little and bought this canvas tote on The Knot on sale for only $14! I love that I was able to personalize it with my soon to be married monogram and wedding colors! This tote sure comes in handy when I have vendor appointments, and I like that I will be able to use it throughout our planning, on our wedding day toting things around, and even after the wedding! :)


Staying Organized photo 2


This is what the table of contents looks like, and the tabs.


Staying Organized photo 3


The business card holder I already had which has come in handy keeping the many cards I receive organized.
Did you keep a binder or something similar to help keep you and your fiance organized during your planning?