Jun 05, 2010

Dolores Bridal Boutique
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
My Sister and I are bridesmaids in our friends upcoming wedding and we decided to get our dresses here. Our first impression was the place was not in the best condition, and the woman who claimed she owned the boutique was not very friendly, but we moved forward as we were on a time constraint and needed to get this done. My Sister's dress came in 5 sizes TOO BIG, and they would NOT take any responsibility for this! It was shocking! All my sister wanted to hear was we apologize and do not worry we will have this fixed, but the woman and her colleague (I still do not know which one own it as they have both claimed to!) were VERY lazy and sat behind the front desk chewing gum louder than you can imagine and not paying any attention to their customers. I tried my dress on after alterations and it fit fine, but under the armpits it was a bit fitted, so as I was bringing the dress up to the front desk, a Bride who was shopping around, was chit chatting with me and asking me when I was getting married as I had my engagement ring on and I told her in June but this dress was for my friends wedding. I told her under my breathe "this has not been a pleasent experience, you should try some other places". As I was finishing my sentance, the woman named "Rose" LUNGED from behind the counter and started SCREAMING AT THE TOP OF HER LUNGS to me telling me I was disrespectful, rude, etc.! Mind you, there were other girls in the shop at the time with there Mothers and friends. I was in such shock, I honestly just stood there and then as she was getting IN MY FACE, I told her to back away from me and that she was a horrible unprofessional business owner and that her service is disgusting and she should be ashamed of herself, considering there were 2 other girls there shopping around for their weddings. She proceeded to call me DISGUSTING names and threw my bridesmaids dress at me and told me to never come back to her store which is VERY dirty. She also made bizarre comments to her colleague about telling her to someone they knew which was a man's name. I almost called the police, as I did not understand who they were calling. It was probably one of the worst experience's I have ever had. In my entire 28 years of living, I have never been attacked like this. I thought the woman was going to get physical - she LUNGED in my face and it turned into a horrible screaming match. I am a bride myself, and am getting married this June, and would ENCOURAGE all of you girls out there reading this to stay far away from this place! Go to a place that has good people that own it or work there and that want to help you and take care of you and your Bridal party. This place is VERY shady and the people that own the boutique are disgusting and VERY angry women and just slobs.
Services used: Dress & Attire