Nov 01, 2012

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I really like these earings but I don't like the necklace that is similar to this, I hope I can find something that matches.

 Bridal Crystal Fancy Drop Earrings

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Confession time.........I love, love, love uplights! They really make any room feel more inviting. I'm not sure where they are all gonna go yet but here are some of my inspirations below. Nick and I are trying to find a reception hall that lets us install our own lights so that we can save some money but either way I am 99.9% sure that I have to have these :)

Turning into an uplight addict photo 1

Turning into an uplight addict photo 2

Turning into an uplight addict photo 3

 Turning into an uplight addict photo 4Turning into an uplight addict photo 5


Turning into an uplight addict photo 6


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My favorite drink is lemonade, there is nothing better then Raspberry Lemonade on a hot day. So...for our reception we are going to have a lemonade bar. We will have just basic lemonade and then different syrups such as strawberry, raspberry, peach, guava and passion fruit.

Lemonade Bar photo 1

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Manzanita tree centerpieces with hanging votives. I asked around for a price for the tree, votive holders, and candles, wanna guess how much one of these supposedly costs????? 300 bucks a piece! If I have 15 tables that is $4500 just for the centerpieces, sounds crazy to me.

centerpieces photo 1

SO I am going to make them on my own. I will take 2 manzanita branches 18-24" for each centerpiece. Approx $15 for 2 including shipping.

Natural Red Manzanita, 18"-24" Bell Hanging Votive Holder

Then add about 10-15 hanging votive holders with the candles (so far the cheapest I found are $1.59 a piece, I will still keep an eye out). These will be tied with ribbon or wire to the branches. Then I will attach small orange flowers to the branches like below, except the flowers will be smaller.

centerpieces photo 2


Tada Centerpieces for under $40 bucks! So I will have 15 of these for less then the price it would normally be for 2. If anyone finds hanging votive candle holders for cheap, let me know please!


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original original hair style photo 1

I like the half up look, with curls. I am still trying to figure out it I should ware a veil, tiara, flowers, jewels ahhhh so many choices, I'm one of those people that stares at the menu for an hour when we go out, I have learned to look online before we go somewhere so everybody isn't waiting on me. Now I get to pick out everything for our wedding and it is difficult with so many choices.


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Nick and I chose Costa Rica as our Honeymoon destination. We wanted a plcae where we could relax but also go out a have some adventures too. We thought about going to Europe but changed our mind, because there is way to much to see in Europe and we would have to stick to some type of agenda to see everything in time. I am still looking up ideas for our trip but wanted to get this poat started and then I will add to it as I come across more ideas.

Honeymoon COSTA RICA photo 1

Honeymoon COSTA RICA photo 2           Honeymoon COSTA RICA photo 3

Honeymoon COSTA RICA photo 4

Honeymoon COSTA RICA photo 5 Arenal Volcano

Honeymoon COSTA RICA photo 6 Zip Line Tours, oh definitely!!!!

Honeymoon COSTA RICA photo 7 Baby Howler Monkey