May 28, 2010

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This is from another wedding site I had. Just some more inspirations and ideas!


Since we are a "melting pot" of cultures, (Chinese, Lebanese, and Mexican to be exact) we want our wedding to incorporate all of them in some way. It's more difficult than it sounds, too! But, we are having fun coming up with different ideas, and I think everyone will enjoy it. Here are just a bunch of pictures we have gathered from online to help us plan the wedding!

~Wedding Ideas and Details~


Random photo 1

Wedding, Reception, Green, White, Brown, Centerpieces, Champagne, Jessica steve  

Reception, Of, Site, In, At, Tent, Hill, Former, Pelican  


Random photo 2


Chinese Wedding Favors

~Wedding Cakes~

Random photo 3


Random photo 4


Cake, Pink, Decadence, Cherry blossom


Flowers, Pink, Green, Simply blooms

Flowers, Pink, Green, Orange, Nancy liu chin


Flowers, Pink, Bouquet

Flowers, Pink, Centerpiece, Nancy liu chin

Flowers, Pink, Nancy liu chin 

Random photo 5

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Originally I was going to wear swarovski crystal and pearl jewelry. But then my mom told me that pearls symbolize tears in Spanish. So, now i'm only wearing swarovski jewelry and stuff that I like is sort of hard to find. I can't find any earrings I like, especially because I don't like big, dangly earrings.

But here are some things I found!

accessories photo 1

accessories photo 2 accessories photo 3

Hair Accessories

accessories photo 4  accessories photo 5



Shoes are reallly really hard to find for me, mostly because Joe is well, pretty short! I'm used to wearing 4" high-heels. But on our wedding day, I want to be shorter than him, so I'm looking for 2" heels that are still very pretty!

Here is what I've found:

accessories photo 6 accessories photo 7

accessories photo 8 Ivory Datlowb bridal shoes

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I love this middle-eastern bride's look:

beauty inspirations photo 1 beauty inspirations photo 2

beauty inspirations photo 3 beauty inspirations photo 4


Hair                                beauty inspirations photo 5

beauty inspirations photo 6 Hair, Long



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             First Baptist Church                                                           Hilton Hotel

    Ceremony and Reception photo 1                      Ceremony and Reception photo 2



Due to the hotel's financial problems and unfinished construction, we have pulled out of our Hilton contract for our wedding reception! Since it is now only 10 months before our wedding, it was virtually impossible to find a reception venue that we liked on our date, May 29, 2010. We were worrying so much!!! And since we already booked our church, florist, photographer, and bakery, we needed to find a date that worked for them. Not to mention that my FI and I am in school and we picked that date based on our schedule!

Well........... May 28, 2010 works for everybody!!!! We were so thrilled! AND we can now go on a 3 night mini-moon since it's Memorial Day weekend and our Saturday will be free now.

Here is our new location: Hyatt Regency Pittsburgh Int'l Airport

Ceremony and Reception photo 3

Ceremony and Reception photo 4

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                                                    They are fabulous! I'm so excited!

                                                         Make sure to check out their website: Araujo