Sep 26, 2009

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My Shoes photo 1These are my beautiful shoes!! I debated and searched forever but decided on these beauties. They are from Dyeables and they are called Spirit. I was considering dying them blue or eggplant but I have decided to keep them white. I bought circular rhinestone brooches for the front that will go in the center of the oval rhinestone pendant. I'm also going to put "I DO" in blue rhinestones on the back stap. And...I'm going to "bling-out" the heels with more rhinestones!! I will add pictures when the shoes are done.

Not done yet...but getting there :-)

My Shoes photo 2

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Colours photo 1Colours photo 2Colours photo 3

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Ceremony Site photo 1Ceremony Site photo 2Ceremony Site photo 3Ceremony Site photo 4Ceremony Site photo 5Ceremony Site photo 6

Ceremony Site photo 7

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Centerpieces photo 1Centerpieces photo 2

Centerpieces photo 3

Centerpieces photo 4

Centerpieces photo 5Centerpieces photo 6

Centerpieces photo 7Centerpieces photo 8

Centerpieces photo 9

Centerpieces photo 10Centerpieces photo 11

Centerpieces photo 12

 So these will be some of the centerpieces. The vases I bought are a little bigger than these ones. These are only 12" and I bought 14" ones. I am going to alternate flowers for each table. I think I will put 2 or 3 purple callas in some and 1 or 2 orchids in the others-depending on the size. I'm also considering adding the floating candles and dying the water a shade of purple.


               Centerpieces photo 13

Centerpieces photo 14



I am going to surround each vase with 8 votives. One table purple and one frosted--or alternate--I'm not sure yet.

Centerpieces photo 15Centerpieces photo 16


And here is a pic of the final product.

Centerpieces photo 17


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My Engagement Ring photo 1My Engagement Ring photo 2

My Engagement Ring photo 3My Engagement Ring photo 4My Engagement Ring photo 5My Engagement Ring photo 6

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This was my gorgeous bouquet!!

My Bouquet photo 1


And these were my inspiration photos...


My Bouquet photo 2My Bouquet photo 3


My Bouquet photo 4My Bouquet photo 5


This was my original inspiration...still gorgeous...but hey things change

My Bouquet photo 6