Sep 26, 2009

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Back in May I ordered our monogram cake topper "C" from Shic Design an Etsy dealer. I received our topper the end of July and my mouth dropped.

Cake Topper photo 1Cake Topper photo 2

Amazing!!! Right?? Love love love


I choose to have brown crystals and a very elegant letter

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By now you have seen what I am wearing yet what about while I get ready. Its important that I stay comfortable. So since my dress is Ivory I plan on wearing all white! Who cares that it is after Labor Day (do people still not wear white after Labor Day?)

What do you think I purchased these items from Victoria Secrets!!!

While Getting Ready photo 1While Getting Ready photo 2

While Getting Ready photo 3

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Since my veil is a Mantilla Veil I wanted my hair to be simple yet classy. I wanted at the church for my veil to be WOW! and once at the reception to take off my veil and just have an amazing hair accessory.

I went to my hairdresser last week ( TaCi Hair Design ) and I purchased the hair accessory from ( Dynamite Designs )

Hair Trail photo 1Hair Trail photo 2

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The countdown continues to the wedding yet we are also counting down to our honeymoon!!! We cant wait.

We will be flying to San Diego (we have never been to the West Coast) and spending 5 days on

Honeymoon photo 1

The cruise is short but there is so much planned. Our Cruise itinerary is

Honeymoon photo 2

Once we come back we will be staying in LA for a couple days and then driving out to Vegas and staying at

Honeymoon photo 3

We will be going to the Grand Canyon for a couple days!!!

We are tackling an amazing trip but in our minds who knows when we will ever go back to the West Coast!!


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So I know this has nothing to do with Wedding Planning but it does when it comes to after the wedding......

Off the Wedding Track photo 1


Our bid has been accepted...and we are to close on October 30!!!


We are beyond excited!!!!

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So three weeks ago the Mr and I mailed out 85 invitations!!! Wooo-Hoooo! Right? Wrong!!!!!

When we brought our box of invites to our local post office they postal worker was questioning the weight and width! The postal worker reassured me that they should all be received within the next week with our .61 wedding cake stamp.

Here we are two weeks from the RSVP date and I have only received 20 from the 80 back and there are a few people telling me that they havent received their invite!! AHHHHH!!

So here is my plan.

The RSVP are due on Friday September 11. On that day we (my mom and I) will be calling those who have not sent in their RSVP to make sure they are coming or not.

What do you think? Good Idea or Bad Idea?

I need to give food and linen count.