Sep 26, 2009

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Our little Flower girl will be 3 1/2 years old for the wedding. She is my Goddaughter and also my MOH's daughter. She is a little peanut and I have a ball with her.

Flowergirl Dress photo 1

FG's dress is an Alfred Angelo like all the other ladies. Her dress matches mine with the lace. Her dress will be ivory with a pistachio sash to match her mommy.

We had soooo much fun trying on dresses. She wanted to try on so many different dress and was running around saying that she is going to be in "Titi's Wedding"

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Since we decided on a small bridal party. I knew which ladies I wanted to be apart of my special day. All my ladies have different body types and I just feel funny telling them that they have to wear the same kind of dress. So needless to say they love me. I don't care how they do their hair or what dress they pick. The only things that I am concerned about is the color of the dress, their shoes are gold, and I ok the dress.

Maid of Honor - My Cousin who is more like my sister

Bridesmaid Dress photo 1

Bridesmaid My Fiance's Sister we have been friends forever and how can I not have his only sister in the wedding (She is currently pregnant and her due date is the day before the wedding! I Know I know...but she is talking to the Dr to see if she can schedule the baby due date at least a week before the wedding)

Bridesmaid Dress photo 2

Bridesmaid - My best friend since middle school. She lives in Brooklyn and I am so excited that she agreed to be in the wedding. How can she say no? Hehe! Because she lives in Brooklyn she will be having her dress made.

Bridesmaid Dress photo 3

Bridesmaid  has been a friend of the Mr and I for years. We meet while working at the jewerley store and she is the one that pointed the Mr in the right direction when it came to my E-ring.

Bridesmaid Dress photo 4

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I had set in my mind that I would do the following:

1) NOT go to David's Bridal

2) Go to at least 2 Bridal Shops

3) Spend the minimal as possible

4) Try on numerous dresses

Well yea I am sure we all have a list of dos and dont when it comes to our Wedding Dress. I did pretty good 1 out of 4 isn't bad, right? hahaha!

I had a moment THE moment when I tried on my dress, because I knew that it was THE one.

On a Thursday evening Oct 2008 I went with my mom to Mariella's Creations (an amazing shop) and told the consultant that was assigned to me that I would like to spend no more than $2,000 veil and all.

After trying on oh say 10 dress. I know I know! I was sweating like crazy. Trying on dresses is honestly hard work.

I walked out that night with an Ivory Lace Strapless dress and an Ivory Mantilla Veil! Breathe taking!!!

Marisa Style 504

Dress THE Dress photo 1Dress THE Dress photo 2

Minus the train ( I am anti-train since I want my veil to be my train) I think I might do either a permanent bustle or use the extra lace to wrap around my bouquet and use around the Mr's boutonniere and also I think I may want a sweat-heart rather than straight across front.

What do you think?



1ST & 2ND Fitting done What do you think so far??

Dress THE Dress photo 3Dress THE Dress photo 4

I am anti poofy...So as you can tell see removed everything in excess from under my dress and she had to completly refit my dress around my waist....Amazing work. Note these photos where done during my first fitting. My second fitting I didnt take any photos I was to busy being in awe of the dress.

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My inspiration for makeup is myself! Wow! That sounded conceited right? But its not seriously.

I love makeup and especially eye makeup. I want to look sultry and smokey. I want people to look at my face and say "Oh my God she looks flawless"

Originally I was not sure if I was going to hire a makeup artist. After speaking with my first Wedding Planner she suggest Dana Bartone a local hair and makeup extraordinaire.

I enlisted my mom and mother in law becuase they are brutally honest and I love that.

What do you think?

Makeup photo 1Makeup photo 2

Amazing!!! Excuse me as a stare a bit!!! I can't get over how awesome my makeup looks.

If you live in Connecticut or plan on having a wedding here in the Nutmeg State I highly recommend Dana Bartone.

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Since I worked at a local jewelery store it was the obvious place for us to go for our Wedding Bands not to mention my E-Ring was purchased at this store.

Our Bling photo 1

My E-Ring is a total of 1 ctr. 3 stone brillant cut ring with 3 diamonds on both sides

Our Bling photo 2

My wedding band is a total of 1/2 ct 5 stone prong set band

Now the Mr needed to match the sparkles on my hand.

Our Bling photo 3

The picture looks super tiny but its wider than both my rings. Due to his job he will only be wearing it out of work.

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Now don't fall over this may seem mean but once the Mr and I began creeping up to our 5 year anniversary I really had a lot on my mind. I wasn't sure if he wanted a future or not with me. We discussed our future together and he always said "Us" and "Our" in reference to the future but never the word marriage or wedding. So I took a leap of faith and gave him an ultimatum. I told him that for our 5 year anniversary I wanted to be already engaged and he laughed until I told him that on our anniversary day I will be busy cleaning my room of all things that he ever gave me or reminded me of him. He thought I was joking until he told his mom and she agreeded that he needed to get off his behind because good things can slip through your fingers and when you notice that it is going its to late. So the Mr went to my old job ( a local jewelery store) and talked to one of my really good friends (bridesmaid) and she showed him rings (ones I had already picked out...I know very very sneaky).

On Christmas Day 2007 his parents (mom and step dad) and my parents had a great dinner at my house. I love to play jokes on him when it comes to presents so I gave him a huge box with multiple gifts inside which where all gag gifts. The bottom box was what he wanted....a PlayStation 3. Needless to say I am the best! hahaha!

Yet I was the one who was at the receieving end of the joke this year. The Mr in high school made me a mahogany jewelery chest that he never finished. Well he finally finished it (its gorgeous) and filled it with two small jewelery boxes lets just say that they where not what I wanted.

After everyone began cleaning up the wrapping papers he slipped me another present. In this box was a Lenox Tinker Bell (who I love!) jewelery box with a singing card of Cinderella (also my Fav!) singing "Dreams do come true". Of course I am a ditz at times and didn't put two and two together. Inside the Tinker Bell box was my engagement ring.

I cried and cried and cried all while saying "Bay" "Oh Bay"

The Proposal photo 1