Sep 26, 2009

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To be honest there really isn't this amazing story behind how the Mr and I met.

It all began on a cool September day back in 1991 we both walked into the same 2nd grade class. Our friendship was rocky all because of an incident the following year. The Mr's father invited his entire 3rd grade class to Chucky Cheese for his birthday and the Mr thought it would be funny to pop a balloon in my face. I know very childish.

The Mr's sister and I became insepertable in middle school which kept me in touch with him. We both went to a the same technical high school and though our high school years became best friends. Until a mutual friend told each of us a secret. The secret was that we both had more than friendship on our minds.

On February 15 2002 our junior year of high school the Mr asked me to be his girlfriend and here we are today 7 years later planning our wedding!

Now all together....Awww!!!