Apr 18, 2008

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( 1.0 / 5.0 )
I hired A Leading Limo service to pick me up the day after my wedding and take me to the airport for our honeymoon. I confirmed TWICE the week bfore to make sure they were scheduled as I had to go from San Diego to LAX to catch my flight. I was told everything was set they gave me the drivers name and told me he would be there on time. The day came and noone was there I called the company only to reach a machine, let a mesaage asking if someone was coming. I received a call back from the driver stating he wasnt on the schedule and was 1 hour and 45 mins away and wouldnt be able to get me to the airport in time, he was very apologetic. I had to frantically find another service so I would miss my flight and thanks to our hotel I did. It ened up costing me an additional $115.00 of which A Leading Limo didnt reimburse me for. Needless to say this added stress on the start of my honeymoon was definately not needed. I WOULD NEVER RECOMMEND THEM!!!!
Services used: Transportation