Apr 30, 2011

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Brent and I met at a ceremony for beginning pharmacy school in August 2007 when we were seated next to one another in alphabetic order.  Who knew one of the first people I met would be the one I was going to marry!


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On May 14, 2009 Brent and I drove out to North Bend, NE where his family is building a lake cabin.  My grandparents were in Omaha that same day, but Brent said he had planned to go the lake and insisted we go fishing!  Suddenly, I was very suspicious...since when did Brent ever PLAN anything or for that matter get a haircut without me pushing him to?  In the back of my mind, I HOPED this would be it (afterall, I saw that weird sticky note at his apartment; "7-9 days for sizing").  After a few hours of fishing at the lake, I knew that I had just let my mind go crazy with silly purposal hopes and it wasn't happening....what a waste of nail polish.  Later, Brent drove me down a trail to the Platte River (because he wanted to "get rid of the bait").  As we have done many times before, we drove out on the the sand bars and looked at the river.  As usual, I was talking (something about I need a drink of water...why did we need to take the worms to the river.....blah blah blah).  There on the sandbar, Brent suddenly wrapped his arms around me and said, "Well Whit, you are a hard girl to trick, but I think I got you."  Brent then got down on one knee and proposed!  Of course, I said YES!

(Brent swears my first words when he grabbed the box were, "oh no")