Jan 02, 2010

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So my sister and mom gave us a great gift!  HONEYMOON!  We will be going to Cabe San Lucas Mexico!  7 nights ALL INCLUSIVE!

Honeymoon photo 1

Honeymoon photo 2

Honeymoon photo 3

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So last weekend we took my mom, my MOH (my sister) to Davids Bridal to try on flower girl dresses.  I thought it would be hard to tell what Addy's chose since she does not alk very well yet... we put the first dress on her and she just sort of stood there doing nothing.  We put the second dress on and she ran around the store twirling and dance... when she looked in the mirror she said... I look beautiful... yup that is her dress.  Her sister Penelope looks at the price tag... Addy that dress is too expensive!  Addy will have her beautiful dress. 

Flowergirl Dress photo 1

Addison's Dress

Flowergirl Dress photo 2

Josie's Dress, exactly like her personality.  A little princess with some bling bling...

Flowergirl Dress photo 3

Penelope dress, actually kind of makes me a little sad, she dosen't look like a little girl.. she is becoming a young lady.  It makes her look older! 

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April 29... 227 lbs...uugghh

May 22... 212 lbs... 15 lbs down

June 26 .... 206 lbs... 6 lbs down (1 week of craziness, funeral and cross country road trip!)

Goal by my birthday (August 28... 184 lbs)

Goal by the wedding 140 lbs!

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  • Engagement Pictures
  • Pick Bridesmaids
  • Pick Groomsmen
  • Pick save the dates
  • order save the dates
  • mail save the dates
  • Set date
  • Guest list
  • Pick invitations
  • Book reception/ceremony location (Thanks Melissa) 
  • Choose officiant Yeah Michelle friend has agreed to be our officiant!
  • Decide where to do Pre-marital counseling when not religious, harder than it sounds.  
  • DJ (thanks Melissa)
  • Caterer
  • Finalize menu
  • Photographer
  • Meet with site coordinator about set up
  • Book hotel for wedding night
  • Rehearsal dinner
  • Figure out how many hotel rooms we need....then block them!
  • order invitations 
  • mail invitations


  • Dress
  • Veil
  • Tiara
  • Slip
  • Bra...industrial strength!  
  • Jewelry
  • Weather considerations 
  • Shoes
  • Flip flops?
  • Wedding bands
  • Alterations
  • Wedding Lingerie
  • Boudoir Pics...Beckey?

My Girls

  • Bridesmaid dresses
  • Flower girl dresses no matching, they each get their own
  • Bows or headbands for FGs
  • FG dresses
  • Girls gifts


  • Choose readers (Velveteen Rabbit, what else?) Tracy?
  • Write ceremony with Michelle
  • Memorial candles for both dads
  • Design Programs
  • Make programs
  • Basket for programs
  • Pick Music for ceremony
  • aisle runner 


  • Guest book?
  • Seating arrangement
  • Table runners Mikie?
  • Table numbers Car Theme...ETSY?
  • Centerpiece containers mix and match.... 
  • Candles, floating
  • Design centerpieces
  • Menus - ETSY one per table...
  • Champagne flutes Registered at Target....
  • Cake topper
  • Cake (Ashley) 
  • Favors (Cake pops...Ashley)
  • Favor Tags  (ETSY)
  • Beer (Nate)
  • Wine... Red, White and Champagne
  • Mixers, soda
  • Hot Coco bar?
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So the first thing we did was find our location... we are having the wedding and reception at the same place.  A cute yoga studio called Inside the Bungalow...

It is an amazing and ecletic place with gardens and a chandeler made of tea cups.  Both of us love the fun vibe it gives off and the low key feeling of the place.  It is beautiful and gardeny.  Since we live in AZ we can have a gorgeous outdoor wedding in January and not worry about the weather!

Here is a picture... I will take more later! Our Wedding photo 1

Actually the first thing I did is find my dress... I am planning on loosing weight, but this dress is perfect... (so far I am down 20 far so good)

Our Wedding photo 2

I think it looks like a cupcake, more of me in it after my mom gets here in June!

I found my jewlery last night on excited!

Our Wedding photo 3

My BM dresses are so very they are in white, they will be in black with red sashes...

Our Wedding photo 4


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So after Scott and I had been dating for about 6 months and I had officially gotten over the age difference (his is 23) We diecided for financial reasons (and because he never went home anyway) he should move in.  I also decided to take him home to St Louis to meet my family for Thanksgiving. 

I need to add that I was married once before, at a very young age, to a man my family did not approve of so they kind of disowned me for a little while.....

So...Thanksgiving, normal things, Turkey, Stuffing, pants unbuttoned, you get the picture... my family is gathered around, we make the move to the living room for games and digesting..I am talking to my niece when I turn around and Scott was on one knee... he gathered my family around and asked... he said that I always said what I missed was my family so he wanted to make sure they were all there! 

So of course I said yes, and the rest is history!