Oct 10, 2009

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Due to budget issues we decided to have silk flowers for the wedding. Fi's mother said she would love to put them together, and even though I love doing that stuff I decided to let her take over since there would be that much less for me to worry about doing myself. So, I showed her pictures and told her what I wanted and this is what she came up with:

Here are the altar arrangements: there are 2!

Flower mania photo 1 Flower mania photo 2 Flower mania photo 3 


Here is the BMs bouquet (not as small as it looks) and my bouquet: Mine isn't exactly what I envisioned, but overall it looks pretty good.


Flower mania photo 4 Flower mania photo 5 


Here are some of the bouts and corsages:


Flower mania photo 6Flower mania photo 7


Here are the head table area arrangements: These are actually placed in a tall vase on a mirror which you can't see.


    Flower mania photo 8Flower mania photo 9


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A 10" tall vase I found for just $6 at Burlington Coat Factory. I don't know what I will do with it yet, but I do know I love how it goes with our peacock color scheme!

It s all in the Details photo 1



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These are just a few things I have done so far:

Bride banner:

Instead of having my ringbearer carry a pillow I decided to do the "bride banner", I think it is so cute and will add a little somthing different to the wedding. It was very easy to make, all you need is cotton fabric, two wooden dowels, ribbion, fabric glue, and paint. I then put it all together, printed out my font, put my fabric over it, traced it, and then hand painted it. It took a total of three hours.

DIY ing it up photo 1DIY ing it up photo 2

Flowergirl dress detail:

Here are my adorable flowergirls in their dresses that I ordered online, In order to tie in the teal of the bridesmaids dresses I simply added some teal ribbion to them (right picture) and feel it added a pop of color w/out being overly dramatic.


  DIY ing it up photo 3 DIY ing it up photo 4

Flowergirl Hairclip:

To also add more color to the flowergirl ensamble and in keeping with the theme I decided to DIY my own feather hairpieces for the girls.

Here is my first attempt and I do not really care for them, I feel they may be a bit too much and look like total crap! I will attempt this again soon!!

DIY ing it up photo 5

Alright I have 2nd attempted, but from another angle... and I am sooo much happier now!!  :)

Shes a keeper! I bought an ivory headband then cut an applied a peacock eye to the bow, simple yet chic! I made one for each of my flower girls, here is one (my lil sis) modeling it:

DIY ing it up photo 6 DIY ing it up photo 7

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 I didn't want anything to do with picking out the ring, I told Josh to pick it out and I think he did a GREAT job!

Bling photo 1Bling photo 2Bling photo 3

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They will be wearing House of Wu-BM 41 in the color TEAL. I told them they can wear any heels as long as they are tan, gold, or light brown.

here are the pics of the BM dress. The photo on the left is the stock photo and on the right is a pic of the actuall dress, however the color did not come out right in this pic... the dress and darker and more teal than it looks!

BM41.jpg image by Jennifer123carpenter  Bridal party photo 1 (all dresses will be teal)


Josh will be wearing a striped black tux with an ivory shirt, vest and tie.

Bridal party photo 2 sorry for the blurry pic


They will be wearing the same stripe black tuxs, but will be wearing gold vests and tie.

pic of the shirt vest and tie

Bridal party photo 3

Flower girls:

I just ordered this dress from, I will be adding teal ribbion to the flower area inorder to tie in the bridesmaids and groomsmen's attire. They will also be wearing a peacock feather hair piece in their hair, Yet TBD!

Bridal party photo 4 Bridal party photo 5 Bridal party photo 6

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After much thought I decided to go with a Peacock theme, I love the colors and peacocks actually represent love as they are life long mates. Our main colors will be teal, gold, and brown, but we will also have touches of green and purple. We are also going to incorporate peacock feathers into the boquets, bouts, and decor.

Below are some of our insperation pics:

Insperation photo 1 Insperation photo 2 Insperation photo 3Insperation photo 4Insperation photo 5 Insperation photo 6

Insperation photo 7 Insperation photo 8