Aug 28, 2010

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My fiance and I love to party together and all of our friends are friends so we thought, why not have a joint bachelorette/bachelor party?!  We spent August 7th, also my 28th bday, in Atlantic City.  We had such a blast.  We went to the Harrahs pool during the day, then the girls and guys split up for dinner.  We then met up and went to the Mixx.  Such a great night!

Jack and Jill photo 1

Since we are getting married at the Jersey Shore, this is our theme.  My girls made this banner and hung it, so cute!

Jack and Jill photo 2

They had a boys and girls cookie cake....YUM!

Jack and Jill photo 3

My FBIL and FSIL, and my MOH

Jack and Jill photo 4

Fun pics throughout the night..

Jack and Jill photo 5Jack and Jill photo 6

Those glasses were from one of my BMs

Jack and Jill photo 7


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After meeting with a girl to create my invites, i was bummed to learn what i wanted would cost $1000.  I thought that was ridiculous for something 98% of the guests were going to throw away.  SO i decided to go the DIY route and i think they came out super cute!

DIY invites photo 1

I love the idea of the wrap address labels.  They came out really good =)

DIY invites photo 2

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So my bridal shower was June 6th and my girls did an absolutely AMAZING job!  Every detail was thought out and perfect...just the way i would have done it myself. 

Breakfast at Tiffany s Bridal Shower photo 1Breakfast at Tiffany s Bridal Shower photo 2

Breakfast at Tiffany s Bridal Shower photo 3Breakfast at Tiffany s Bridal Shower photo 4

Breakfast at Tiffany s Bridal Shower photo 5Breakfast at Tiffany s Bridal Shower photo 6

Breakfast at Tiffany s Bridal Shower photo 7Breakfast at Tiffany s Bridal Shower photo 8Breakfast at Tiffany s Bridal Shower photo 9Breakfast at Tiffany s Bridal Shower photo 10

The guests all came in black and everyone played up the theme!  They had a candy bar as the favors and the had served my 3 favorite drinks, Sangria, Mimosas, and "Brooke Tini's" (chocolate martinis)!  They framed pictures of us in Tiffany blue frames which was SOOO cute! 

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We have chosen to go to Aruba for our honeymoon.  We are staying at the Hyatt Regency.

Honeymoon photo 1Honeymoon photo 2Honeymoon photo 3Honeymoon photo 4

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My cake is fabulous.  I was walking home from the train through Hoboken after work and walked past Carlo's Bakery.  I don't know if any body watches "Cake Boss" but i LOVE that show.  Buddy and his fam are awesome.  So this cake was in the window

Let them eat cake photo 1

If you look close, you can see there are strands of crystals in the cake.  I fell in love!  The next day I called back and asked how much it cost....$3,000.  Holy crap, that's a lot of money!  Now, my cake is included so i have been determined to find something similar.  Well, we went to the baker and i presented him with my dreamcake.  I left out how much the actual cake cost and asked him if this was do-able.  He said YES, for a little extra.  So, for a couple hundred dollars, I get to have my $3,000 "Cake Boss" cake!! Sweet! <---i couldn't resist adding that =P

We will have 3 different flavors: Red Velvet, vanilla with canoli cream frosting, and vanilla with a lemon filling.

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I love, love, LOVE my venue!!  We are getting married and having the reception at Clarks Landing Yacht Club.  I picked it out before we were even engaged.  The venue was still under consruction when we put our deposit down.  I just had a feeling that this was THE PLACE!  We met in Point Pleasant and that is where Clarks Landing is, so i just thought it was just perfect. I don't have too many pics but here are a few:

Our venue rehearsal dinner photo 1 Our venue rehearsal dinner photo 2

PS-thats not us, haha!

Our venue rehearsal dinner photo 3

This is where the ceremony will take place.  It over looks the bay and marina...gorgeous.

Our venue rehearsal dinner photo 4

These are the centerpeices they provide.  What are your thoughts???  I am torn is I should use them.  They are obviously silk and I REALLY want fresh flowers of my own chosing but FH says its just not in the budget.  Are they suitable??



The rehearsal is at the Brielle River House right across the river from our wedding venue!  They have tons and tons of amazing flowers all over the restaurant and its just the perfect setting for a great weekend ahead!

Our venue rehearsal dinner photo 5