Oct 24, 2009

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A Vietnamese tradition is the tea ceremony. To our parents, this is the most important part of the day as it symbolizes the beginning of our union together. The bride and groom, in respect to our elders, we offer our parents and relative tea as a part of the ceremony and they all give us few words and advice on a long and healthy marriage.

Before all that happens though, the guys side parades down the bride's street with several trays of gifts - kind of like a dowry hehe - it's usually cakes and edible goodies and a big roast pig! - and the bride's family formally accepts and says 'come on in!"

Morning Tea Ceremony photo 1Morning Tea Ceremony photo 2 handsome hubby Morning Tea Ceremony photo 3Morning Tea Ceremony photo 4

Once inside, there are two representatives that speak on each of the family's behalf and does a little formal speech and then a round of introductions of the relatives. Our parents then give us a present and so does the rest of our family.

Morning Tea Ceremony photo 5Morning Tea Ceremony photo 6

Morning Tea Ceremony photo 7Morning Tea Ceremony photo 8

After the ceremony which is about maybe 20 minutes, we eat a little lunch and goof around and wait anxiously for the time to get to church!!!

Morning Tea Ceremony photo 9Morning Tea Ceremony photo 10Morning Tea Ceremony photo 11Morning Tea Ceremony photo 12


Time to change into the wedding dress and head to church!!!!

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I could barely sleep the night before as we were running around doing last minute errands (ladies!!! don't put off anything. get it all done a week in advance so you don't stress yourself or your bridesmaids out!) but i finally went to bed around 2, woke up at 6 and the beautifying started! Originally, I was going to get a hotel, but the logistics were too complicated because we had a tea ceremony and I didn't want my mom running around getting stuff ready by herself. Due to poor planning, we didn't get to clean my old room so the 'getting ready' pics are really messy and not so cute!

Getting Ready photo 1Getting Ready photo 2Getting Ready photo 3Getting Ready photo 4Getting Ready photo 5Getting Ready photo 6



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I can't believe it's been two months already since the craziness that was our wedding day. I'm not going to lie, it was FAR from being perfect. As relaxed and nonchalant as I was during the whole planning process, the actual wedding day was soo stressful for me. I think it just comes with the territory and as much as you think you've thought of everything, you HAVEN'T! But, for all the brides to be, you hear it all the time and it's so true -- just relax and what will be, will be! At the end of the day, you are marrying YOUR MAN and that is all that matters!

I promise to start my recaps soon! I'm enjoying doing absolutely nothing with my HUSBAND!


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I wanted something a little different, so it didn't take very long to find etsy seller, Ekaminsk. She is such a doll and I couldn't be more pleased!

The guys and ushers will have these:

Guy s Bouts photo 1

and FI will wear this one with a little pizazz to stand out:

Guy s Bouts photo 2

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I changed my mind often on whether to have a cake topper or not. I wanted to save money and just maybe have a few flowers on the cake and be done with it. But of course, Etsy is my favorite place to browse, so I stumbled on these and just HAD to get it. I showed it to a few people so that they could talk me off the ledge, but everyone thought they were so cute too, so I went for it.

I am totally not telling FI how much I spent on them. hah! I mean, my cake was a steal, so it all works out!

I customized it, so it'll have a birdcage, purple flowers, and the dress will look like mine! The boy birdie won't have glasses though.

Check out etsy seller Cornflakegirl if your interested!

My Cake Topper photo 1

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After much debate and procrastination, we finally booked our week long honeymoon at the Sandals Ochos Rios in Jamaica!!!!

Honeymoon photo 1

Honeymoon photo 2

Honeymoon photo 3