May 30, 2009

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The Place:  The ceremony was at The Ruins of St. Philips Church at Brunswick Town State Historic Site in Winnabow, NC which is about 20-25 min below Wilmington, NC.  The site is on the bank of the Cape Fear River.  The church was built around the Revolutionary War and burned by the British.  The brick walls were the only thing that remained.  We rented the ceremony site for a $250 donation to the Site.  They stayed open after hours for us, and even repaved the walkway before our wedding!  The site is overwhelming in person, and the day we first visited it I knew it was the one.  Even though the day was overcast, the site was still beautiful.

Details photo 1

Details photo 2

The Reception: The reception was at the Balcony on Dock Street in downtown Wilmington, NC.  We dealt with the fabulous Event Coordinator Jill White and her staff.  We did stations instead of a buffet or sit down dinner with a Prime Rib Station and Pasta Station(which was a hit!).  We also had a fruit and cheese display and bacon wrapped scallops.  Our appetizers included shrimp and grits in martini glasses and the MOG's recipe for meatballs.  We had two signature drinks: a Mojito(our favorite drink) and a Something Blue Martini. 


My Dress: Saison Blanche Style 3010, I bought it frm Bridal Mart in Burlington, NC for around $1100.  I had my alterations done by Judy Reeder of Saavy Formalwear in Raleigh, NC.  She took in the bust a lot, hemmed it and put in a three point bustle. 

Details photo 3

Before Alterations... you can see the bust is realllllly big.

Details photo 4

The back of the dress

Details photo 5

Three point bustle

The Grooms/Groomsmen attire:  All of the tuxes came from MW Tux.  They all wore the Calvin Klein Two Button Notch Lapel in Shadow Stripe.  My FH wore a black vest and cornflower blue tie, while the groomsmen wore a silver vest and cornflower blue tie.

Details photo 6

FH's Tux

Details photo 7

Groomsmen Tuxes

Bridesmaid Dresses: From Davids Bridal, Style 83312 in Cornflower.  The color on the website is completely different in real life(not nearly as turquoise).  The dress is cotton, and has hidden side pockets!  I let them pick their own silver shoes.  On the wedding day they wore their hair flowers and earrings I gave them at the RD.

Details photo 8

MOB Dress:  My Mom wore a Petite Alex Evenings dress that we got for $100.  It was a shimmery navy/purple that had a bolero jacket and a wide strap.

Details photo 9

Details photo 10

The second picture is a little more accurate on the color.


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Use of these photos must be credited to Jason Armond Photography Videography.  You can check out his website here: and his blog here:

The wedding was on May 30th, 2009 at The Ruins of St. Phillips Church at Brunsiwck Town State Historic Site in Winnabow, NC.  The reception was held at The Balcony on Dock Street in Downtown Wilmington, NC. 

Pro Pics photo 1

   Shoes by Nine West

Pro Pics photo 2

  DIY bracelet that took 4 hours!

Pro Pics photo 3

  Bride robe from Victoria's Secret courtesy of one of my bridesmaids

Pro Pics photo 4

Pro Pics photo 5

Grooms/Groomsmen Tuxes from MW Tux in Calvin Klein Shadow Stripe Two-Button Notch Lapel

Pro Pics photo 6

   My dress was Saison Blanche Botique Style 3010, bought at Bridal Mart in Burlington, NC

Pro Pics photo 7

Orton Plantation in Winnabow, NC

Pro Pics photo 8

The Ruins of St. Philips Church at Brunswick Town State Historic Site

Pro Pics photo 9

Walking to the Ceremony

Pro Pics photo 10

Walking down the aisle

Pro Pics photo 11

Pro Pics photo 12

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All pictures taken by ref[L]e[K]tions Photography in Moore Square/City Market in Downtown Raleigh and Pullen Park near NC State University.

Engagement Pictures photo 1

Engagement Pictures photo 2

Engagement Pictures photo 3

Engagement Pictures photo 4

Engagement Pictures photo 5

Engagement Pictures photo 6

Engagement Pictures photo 7

Engagement Pictures photo 8

Engagement Pictures photo 9

Engagement Pictures photo 10




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Will You Be My Bridesmaid:  I asked my bridesmaids to "be my bridesmaid" with a personalized monogrammed martini glass.  I bought four martini glasses and acrylic glass paint from AC Moore.  Included with them was a personalized tag that asked them to "be my bridesmaid" or "matron of honor".

DIY photo 1

DIY photo 2

Card Box:  I bought the box from AC Moore and cornflower blue ribbon from Joann's.  First I painted the box silver, then cut out the hole for the cards in the top.  I took a piece of ribbon that was exactly the size of the circumference of the box and hot glued it to the box.  The bow is actually made out of 4 different pieces of ribbon, one length for the loops, two for the ends and one for the middle portion.  I hot glued them together and then attached to the box.  Not shown in the photos is a candlestick that I painted the same color as the ribbon and then attached to the bottom of the box so it was elevated like a cake pedestal.  I hot glued the candlestick to the bottom of the box.  I will follow-up with pro pics. 

DIY photo 3

DIY photo 4


Save the Date Postcards:  I used VistaPrint to print our postcards, and I will say they did a fabulous job!  I designed them via Photoshop using our engagement pictures.  They included the place, date, and our website.  Many people misread our save the date's and thought our wedding was on the 13th instead of the 30th because it was spelled out.  But most of them realized we weren't getting married on a Wednesday!  This is where we first introduced our monogram.

DIY photo 5

DIY photo 6


Invitations:  These were a lot of work, but in the end very rewarding.  No one could believe that we had made them.  They also were amazingly inexpensive to make, the postage cost almost as much as the materials!  The paper products were bought from and Michaels.  I got the velum for the wrap on clearance at Michaels in 12x12 sheets and the ribbon was $1 per roll, and I used about 3 or 4 rolls.  Thanks to my trusty Xyron was able to run the name tags through it so that and the ribbon would stick to the vellum bellyband.  All the scroll graphics were done by stamping in blue with a clear stamp by Inkinado and then embossed with a white pearl embossing powder.  The fonts used were Copper Alt Caps and Sylfaen.  The parts included: Main Invite, Reception Card, Vellum Belly Band, Directions/Accommodations Card, and a Response Card/Envelope. 

DIY photo 7

DIY photo 8

DIY photo 9

Bracelet:  My inspiration came from both Haute Bride and Dana Saylor on Etsy.  Mine was slightly different, with the beads and pearls that I used.  I ended up spending about $20 to make it.

DIY photo 10

Hair Flower Clips:  I made two versions of these, the first one I didn't like as much as the second, but I ended up attaching them to some frames on the guest book table.  To make them I disassembled a silk flower, glued back a couple of the layers together, and then hot glued the pearls to the middle.  I then glued a feather to the back and a little alligator clip.  I attached them to the bridesmaids gift packages and not only were they useful, they also added a lot of flair to the package!

DIY photo 11

Mock-Up Bridal Bouquet:  Since I did all of our florals I wanted to make sure it was something I could do by doing a test run.  I bought a dozen roses and 4 stems of hydrangea from Fresh Market.  I made the bouquet the night before my bridal shoot and somehow it survived a two hour ride to Wilmington and being left in the car for quite some time(albeit in a cooler with ice part of the time). **Excuse my dreadful look, It was right after work!**

DIY photo 12

DIY photo 13