Sep 25, 2010

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My bouquet well be white lilies an white roses with ostrich trim

the flowers photo 1  


the boutineers an corsages well look similar to this

the flowers photo 2

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shades of


Color photo 1   &    Color photo 2Color photo 3




Color photo 4

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We opted for small

my maid of honor =sister 




His Best Woman


The bridal party photo 1

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We are getting married in the park i think its kinda romantic.

Our small 55 guest reception well be held in the same place 

Reception, Ceremony 



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So it was christmas eve, i thought for sure he would not choose a holiday because it was obvious but he shocked me by doing so.

He played it cool all night long up until we left his parents then i knew something was up. But we went to my house an hung out with my family watched a movie an nothing happen . So i thought ok not gonna happen. So we got ready for bed an where snuggly in bed an he looks at me an was like can i ask you something . I thinking to myself your a dork . I'm like sure 

an he purposed at 130 in the morning who knew 

the proposal photo 1 

the proposal photo 2

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 married for a year now ,and im still loving it


MR MRS photo 3Ceremony






all my current wedding pictures are raw an unedited


25 days photo 1 

We met over four years ago on myspace, being wiery we talked for months before meeting.

We met in person an i knew i had nothing to worry about. 

We hit it off an were inseperable , spending all our free time together. A few months after that we made it official in june of 2006 .