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Mar 29, 2009

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Mary's Rentals
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I used this rental company for linens for my wedding in March 2009. I worked with both Elizabeth and Angie and both were extremely professional and courteous. For a small mom and pop store, I was surprised by their level of service. They had many colors and fabric selections. Elizabeth spent an hour with me and my mom going over color combinations in the store. The quality of fabric and stitching was not as nice as Elegant Designs Specialty Linens but the difference was unnoticeable at the wedding and their prices were incredibly reasonable. They gave me back the security deposit within a week after the wedding as promised. They were also flexible with last minute changes and making sure that all of my questions were answered and I was happy. One of the best vendors I worked with.
Services used: Rentals & Photobooths

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Just Chic Events
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Paola showed me what it is like to work with a first class vendor that clearly values and practices excellent customer service. I originally hired her as DOC in early 2008 for a June 2008 wedding and ended up postponing a few months later. She was kind and supportive and told me she would honor the original contract when I chose a new date. I ended up contacting her 8 months later for a March 2009 wedding and she was true to her word! Second time around, Paola was fully on board once again. Even though her prices had gone up significantly, she did not make me feel like a second tier client. Her emails and phone calls were always prompt, her tone consistently professional, warm, and friendly. Hiring a DOC can be very tricky. You work so closely with someone you don't know very well on an event that is very personal. Paola felt very healthy relationally and I felt happy contacting her for months and asking for her advice and help on a number of things. I never experienced any kind of passive aggressive behavior. She was straightforward, clear, and positive at all times. On the day of, my friends and family were impressed with her work ethic, her ability to speak Spanish with the other vendors, as well as her appealing personality. During the cocktail hour, she found out that I had forgotten bar rentals on the rental list. Her assistant went out and got cups and everything went without a hitch. She worked hard to give me the event that I wanted and it was appreciated by my loved ones. When I first met with Paola, she told me how she had found a true vocational fit as a wedding planner. I can attest to that. She is gifted at what she does and she was a true asset to keeping me sane, feeling supported, and helping me plan my event.
Services used: Wedding Planning

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Nicole DeAnne
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
I had an excellent experience with Nicole for my March 2009 wedding. I found out about her work through various blogs and as an east Asian woman, I could tell from photos that this white woman knew how to work it! She was always prompt with emails and phone calls; professional and creative during my preview session; and made me feel like I was getting the best service and would look my best on my wedding day. She has a very sweet, friendly, and down to earth personality and loves to help people look their best. She was open to changes and kept my preferences in mind first while making insightful recommendations and giving honest feedback. Nicole was on time on the wedding day and confirmed with me multiple times on location and time. I never felt like I would be left hanging and felt like I was in good hands. On the day of the wedding, I felt incredibly beautiful and the makeup and hair stayed well into the night. She uses professional makeup products from a huge toolkit, brings her own stools and directors chair for makeup, and she clipped in extensions that I bought on my own. She also did my mom's makeup and my usually skeptical mom felt like she hadn't looked that good in a long time. She is a definite top pick in my opinion for any bride who is looking for an experienced bridal hair and makeup artist.
Services used: Beauty & Health

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( 4.0 / 5.0 )
I recently got married at Castle Green (March 2009) and had overall a good experience with this venue. I feel like there are much easier venues to get married at and at times I wished I had picked those but it was worth it in the end to have such a beautiful event. Pros: - Outdoor wedding space on the lawn is scenic and gorgeous - The lobby looks amazing filled with guests. - Marcella, the venue coordinator, is a joy to work with. She is genuinely kind, warm, and friendly and works hard to be as helpful as possible. The restrictions at Castle Green can be quite annoying and Marcella always tried to help me come up with other options or resources. - The grand old fireplace is supplied with complimentary wood. - Costs include security who watches over your gifts and the gates so only guests enter. - 200 gold chivari chairs and 20 round tables included. Cons: - Even though we got married on a Sunday evening which is supposed to have less traffic than Friday and Saturday, the street noise was still loud and distracting (and we had a wireless mic setup). - Outside catering fee was $10 a person but because I already had a deposit down, Marcella gave me a discount. - A full kitchen needs to be set up outside and my caterer told me that Castle Green only provided them with a hose as a sink. All drinking water had to be trucked in. - A babysitter had to be hired for every 5 kids. - Every vendor had to fill out a form and you were responsible for making sure that happened. - If your petal aisle is not cleaned up, you're charged $100. I found that out 2 days before and my florist was able to take care of it thankfully. - Ballroom is kind of crowded. We were told 220 could fit in there. I don't see how that is possible. We had 170 and it felt very full. - No candles but Castle Green lets you borrow 100 led flickering candles. - Pay for valet service or have your guests park in the city parking garage. In summary, the venue is gorgeous and unique but before you book, I highly recommend that you read the contract very carefully and ask Marcella as many questions as possible to know all of the details you are expected to take care of.
Services used: Wedding Venue

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max wanger photography
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
Max is a true artist and it was with absolute delight that my husband and I booked him for our March 2009 wedding. Everyone has such different tastes in photography that I'm not going to go into the particulars of why I think he is the best. If you look at his work and you love it, then you know why. I found him on a blog a few months before our wedding and booked him after one meeting. I would like to give my heartfelt recommendation as a client to his service and skills. Good things: - Max is professional, personable, and down to earth. His fiance, Margaux, is his second shooter and she was sweet and professional too. They have ideal personalities for working with couples--they are calm, easy going, happy to share in your joy, as well as focused and clear about the kinds of shots they want to take with you. - Max is quick to respond to all emails and phone calls. - They were on time, remembered our shots list, and everything else discussed. The whole process of working with Max was incredibly smooth and reliable. We felt like we were in great hands and could not recommend him more to friends and fans.
Services used: Photography