May 22, 2009

Sounds Like Fun
( 5.0 / 5.0 )
After a thorough search and several phone interviews, I narrowed my DJ list down to Allen Layton. Unfortunately, Allen wasn't available on our date but, through Sounds Like Fun, he was able to hook us up with Dean Henderson and we couldn't have been happier. (Unbeknownst to me, Dean was the DJ our reception venue had recommended from the beginning! How ironic!) The communication throughout the planning process was phenomenal from both Allen and Dean. Dean did a superb job guiding us with our reception scheduling prior to the big day. There was no doubt we were in good hands. This is the one vendor we really didn't have to worry about at all. He did a great job during the wedding as well. He even threw in a few quips that made everyone laugh. You get the idea that Dean could handle any crowd, from the most pompous to the wildest party and anything in between, and come off looking like the perfect DJ every time. When our reception ended, the dance floor was packed. That's the way we wanted it. It's so much better than having people leave little by little and then the party just fizzles out. We wanted to leave them wanting more and Dean did a masterful job! All this and a reasonable price too. We highly recommend Sounds Like Fun!
Services used: DJ

Elegance Limousine
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Horrible attitude. Very rude on the phone. I called this company because we are looking for a chauffeured classic car for our wedding and this company's website has a tiny picture of something they label "1957 Classic Sedan." The interior looked nice so I gave them a call. The man that answered the phone was incredibly rude and short with me! I asked what type of car it was. He answered that it was a "Rolls Royce Bentley." I had to ask if it was a Rolls Royce or a Bentley. His answer? "We have two!" "Oh," I said, "So you have a 1957 Rolls Royce AND a 1957 Bentley?" He answered yes. I asked if he could send me pictures of these two cars. His answer, "Can't you see the picture?!" Yes, I see one very small picture of one car, but you are saying you have two cars. Do you have pictures of both of the cars that you could e-mail to me so that we could make a decision? After WAY too much prodding, this jerk on the phone FINALLY agreed to send me the pictures. He said that if I e-mailed him with the request, he would reply with the pictures. It has now been two days. No pictures. Here's the icing on the cake. I called this place twice and asked for a quote for their "1957 Classic Sedan" for our date and time. The first quote was $100 less than the quote I got the second time for the same date and time! This place is totally unprofessional and certainly not "elegant." Also beware, slapping a RR or Bentley symbol on the hood of a kit car doesn't make it a Rolls or a Bentley. I am pretty sure that is what this place has done and that is why he gave me such ridiculous answers to my questions AND why they have the car listed as a "1957 Classic Sedan" and not a 1957 Rolls Royce or a 1957 Bentley. He clearly lied to me and I caught him when he tried to pass the car off as a "Rolls Royce Bentley." There is no such thing. Yes, these two brands used to be affiliated. But, it would be the same as saying a car was a Chevrolet Pontiac. After I caught him in that lie, he made up another lie to cover for it saying that they had two. Clearly they don't have two because there is only one on their website and he was unable to send me the pictures he promised. I have to say that I have made the conversation with this jerk sound much nicer than it was. He was totally rude to me the entire conversation. How do people sell their services like this?
Services used: Unique Services

Royalty Chauffeur Services
( 1.0 / 5.0 )
Horrible customer service and blatant false advertising. I called this company because they have a picture of a Rolls Royce Cloud on this website. The boy who answered the phone was extremely rude and short with me. After giving him my name and phone number, I asked a question about the car. His response? "They'll call you back," and then he hung up. A day and a half later I got a voice mail from a girl who seemed WAY too annoyed that I didn't answer my phone in her message to me. I could not believe how rude she was. Excuse me limo-girl, but I work for a living and some of us don't always answer our personal mobile phones and text our friends in the middle of the work day. She told me I should just check their website since I wasn't answering my phone. She didn't leave her name or a number to call her back and worst of all, their website doesn't work! I've been trying it for two days now and it still doesn't work. Today I received another voice mail from the same-sounding girl. I have to guess because she never leaves her name. Again she was totally annoyed that I didn't answer my phone. She then stated that they don't have a Rolls Royce Cloud. She did state that they have a Bentley Flying Spur which must be a new model because I don't think there is such a thing as a classic Flying Spur. So, in fact, they don't have ANY white classic cars to offer even though that is the one picture they chose to represent themselves with. I called back today (not sure why) and, again, when I started to ask a question I was cut off and told that "they" would call me back. I said forget it. Judging by my conversations with these people, I would guess that this is a company run by kids, probably in their early 20's, who are spoiled brats and their daddy fronted the money to buy some cars for them.
Services used: Transportation